Cat-shaped dolls…! The “Eiina Nichijo” of kitten cosplaying for Hinamatsuri. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Cat-shaped dolls…! The “Eiina Nichijo” of kitten cosplaying for Hinamatsuri.

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Fluffy “hinayasama”!

March 3 is the Dolls’ Festival. These days, there are many different designs of hina dolls. There are even cat-shaped ones like this…and this is a real cat! The name “Sakamoto-chan,” who dressed up as a hina-sama, is a Twitter favorite! The “K” series has attracted a lot of “L” and “H” series.

They’re so gorgeous, they’re almost as big as the 7-tiered ohinasama! Sakamoto’s master dresses her for each event and even sets the table.

I was going to take a picture of Sakamoto with the rice from the Hinamatsuri plate, but I couldn’t make it because I had to work late, so this year I took a picture of her with the peach blossoms I had bought instead. But I’m glad I was able to get a nice picture of the sleepy Sakamoto, the junihitoe, and the peach blossoms.

In other tweets, dressed-up Sakamoto-chan is sitting a bit with dishes and sweets made by her master (won’t she nibble on them?). … The dishes are all beautifully and carefully prepared, and the set with Sakamoto and her daughter is like a work of art. The dishes look very “attractive” on the timeline.

New Year’s Day. Tastefully arranged osechi and Sakamoto-chan dressed as a tiger.
With cute Christmas dishes. A round chicken at the end of the eye…!
Miffy’s green tea parfait…too cute to eat!

Sakamoto is a Scottish Fold girl. When the master saw Sakamoto as a little girl, he instantly thought, “This is the girl! and decided to welcome him into the family.

The pattern on his face is interesting, isn’t it? She is a girl, but she looks like a boy with a little mustache, so we naturally named her Sakamoto.

Indeed, the gray pattern on his face is perfectly balanced and charming! The rounded outline is also somewhat comforting. Since we welcomed Sakamoto-chan, we have always celebrated with her whenever we have an event. We hope she continues to bring us many more memories with her cute little figure…!

(You can see Sakamoto-chan’s daily life on her Twitter account → @sakamoto_0905. Or you can search for “Sakamoto!)

When she was a little girl, she always had a chestnut head.
Supi …… has the same form as Miffy!
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