Putin is insane… “nuclear war shudder crisis” that was also in the Trump administration. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Putin is insane… “nuclear war shudder crisis” that was also in the Trump administration.

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Trump is still holding rallies across the U.S. to try to return to power (Image: Reuters/Afro)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has suggested the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, raising the possibility that humanity could be drawn into a nuclear war.

There have been frequent crises where nightmares have become reality. The Korean War (started in June 1950), in which the U.S. and China, backed by South and North Korea, became extremely tense. The Cuban Crisis (October 62), which occurred when the former Soviet Union built a nuclear missile base in the Caribbean Sea. …… But it was by no means only when “historical events” occurred more than 50 years ago that the world was driven to the brink of despair. A year ago, a terrible situation had broken out as well.

It was very real. The dark possibility that President Trump could be outlawed and order military action or the use of nuclear weapons without going through the required procedures was a theoretical possibility.

The book on the topic, “Peril Crisis,” was published last December. The book, which clearly describes what happened before and after the U.S. transition of power, describes “a major anomaly in the U.S.” that occurred in January 2021. The authors are Bob Woodward, a reporter for the Washington Post for 50 years who broke the Watergate scandal (June 1972 to August 1974) that led to the resignation of President Nixon, and a young reporter born in October 1985. They are Robert Costa, a political reporter.

Both men noted that Trump was in a bind, both physically and mentally, after losing the November 2008 U.S. presidential election to Biden. They wrote

(General Chief of Staff Chairman Mark) Milley saw up close that Trump was always impulsive and unpredictable. Millie thought the fact that Trump had become quite mentally ill in the aftermath of the election was making things worse. Trump was totally off the rails right now, yelling at officials and creating his own parallel universe of election-related conspiracy theories that kept popping up.

Commonality with Nixon’s reliance on alcohol

China was highly alarmed by Trump’s emotional insecurity. Trump had always been hostile toward China and had always been a fierce critic of the country. The following is a quote from the same book.

He constantly attacked China and blamed it for the new coronavirus. We will defeat this crazy China virus,” he said on Fox News on October 11, 2008. Millie (above) wondered if China might not know that politics is not the same thing as the possibility of military action being initiated.

The decision to launch a nuclear strike is the exclusive prerogative of the President of the United States. It is quite possible for the president to impulsively press the “nuclear button” due to alcoholism, drugs, or mental instability, and the situation could become irreversible. The book points out the similarities between Trump and Nixon, who is also said to have lost his ability to make sound judgments in the final days of his administration.

Nixon and Trump, Millie thought, were frighteningly similar: Nixon in 1974, frustrated, isolated, heavily drunk, and burned out, kneeling with then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, praying and pounding the carpet.

It is well known that officials at the time would not allow a drunken Nixon to participate in critical foreign negotiations involving the use of nuclear weapons. Millie, the chairman of the General Staff, who appears frequently in the book, makes a similar decision. He called together senior officers from the National Military Command Center and plotted to take away Trump’s “exclusive nuclear authority.

The spine-chilling consequences of the situation can be read in the book, but Millie succeeded in stopping Trump’s outburst. The tension in the book is palpable as Millie succeeded in stopping Trump’s outburst and narrowly averting a nuclear war.

In Russia, by contrast, Vladimir Putin continues to hold the nuclear button. On March 14 at UN Headquarters in New York, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned, “Who can stop the impulsive actions of a dictator?

Nuclear war, once unthinkable, is now possible.

Is the human race on the verge of extinction once again?

A controversial book about the possibility that the U.S. presidential election was connected to the crisis of the human race.
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