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Why Ruriko Kojima visited a 5-star luxury hotel with chocolate in hand

Three paper bags in each hand, each containing a huge amount of chocolate!

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Kojiruri, who left the Peninsula after quickly completing her shopping in just a few minutes, was satisfied with the items she had purchased.

This way ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Ruriko Kojima (28, photo left), a.k.a. “Kojiruri,” raised her right hand to signal the car that was picking her up. She is holding a paper bag between her fingers and a receipt between her thumbs.

Two more paper bags are in her left hand. Her thumb is gripping a wallet.

What did he buy in such a hurry?

On the day of the event, she was appearing on her regular TV show, “Masakazu Mimura and Ruriko Kojima’s Mimu Koji Radio! (Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.), Kojiruri came out of the radio station and went into a five-star hotel nearby, The Peninsula Tokyo, by herself. At this point, Kojiruri had one Peninsula paper bag in her hand, but when she came out about 10 minutes later, the number of paper bags had increased to three, as you can see.

She must have had a hard time with her hands full of paper bags, but she had a big smile on her face. I wonder if she was satisfied with her shopping. The stores in the hotel were closed due to the Corona disaster, but the famous sweets store “Boutique & Cafe” was open only for take-out. I wonder if they bought some of their famous “Peninsula Chocolates.” (A guest who witnessed the event in the lobby)

It was also Valentine’s Day. The amount of chocolate in the box was more likely a takeout than a bento box.

Kojiruri appeared on the variety show “Gutan Nouveau 2” right after her breakup with Yasuhisa Hara, the author of the popular manga “Kingdom. She was expected to talk about her lost love, but instead she said, “I can’t go out with someone unless I’ve had sex with them,” and “The tempo of the relationship after it’s over…it’s not right or wrong. and “The tempo of the sex after you’ve done it, it doesn’t match. I’d like to get married by the time I’m 30,” she declared. She has completely awakened as a carnivorous character.

Three paper bags of luxury chocolates (?) is a sign of her willingness to fight.

After this, she looked into the eyes of the doorman who escorted her to her car and bowed, saying, “Thank you very much ♡. The doorman was a big telegrapher.
Why Ruriko Kojima visited a five-star luxury hotel.
Ruriko Kojima’s reasons for visiting a five-star luxury hotel.

From the March 18, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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