Fire spreading to Tsuyoshi Ayano…? Flames are expected to spread in the entertainment industry with the paid version of “Garcy Ch. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fire spreading to Tsuyoshi Ayano…? Flames are expected to spread in the entertainment industry with the paid version of “Garcy Ch.

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Tsuyoshi Ayano is a likely target for “Garcy CH. I hope it doesn’t affect him in terms of work, such as dramas and commercials…

Gershi-ch” is run by Yoshikazu Azumaya, an “exposé-style YouTuber” who continues to shake up the entertainment world. Riding on the momentum of the show, a paid membership was distributed for the first time on March 13. On that day, he talked about actor Tsuyoshi Ayano for less than 30 minutes, and then continued the story for membership only.

He said, “In the scope of the free release, we talked about things like ‘preface’ before we get into the paid information. From there, we would go into the paid portion, and those who were interested would be drawn straight into it. The cleverness of the business spirit can be seen in the way they conduct a kind of marketing by asking the viewers, ‘Whose story do you want to hear? The “Mere Old Man” is a reporter for a sports newspaper.

The scandalous part of Ayano’s story was published in a video available only to paying members at 490 yen per month. While normal video clippings are permitted by distributing a 50% profit incentive, clippings of membership videos are strongly prohibited.

They may be aiming to further increase membership and revenue by sharing information only with paying members, or they may think that spreading information that is too stimulating will indeed cause damage to themselves.

He may also be thinking that if too much information is spread by paid members, it will indeed cause damage to him. “Unauthorized videos on YouTube, for example, can be reported if they are reproduced, but it seems that blogs and other media are already spreading the content we discussed in our membership. It would be very difficult to file complaints one by one.

In fact, fragments of information about Ms. Ayano, which was said to have been released in a paid version, are already floating around on social networking sites. He has published some stimulating content, mainly stories about his drinking. The screencaps of the lines that serve as evidence will also be made public within the membership, and this, too, will limit the damage if only paying members can see it, but not all information leaks can be controlled. The celebrities whose real names were released were “hit,” but it is difficult to control how far the damage will spread,” said an entertainment reporter.

Ayano is one of Japan’s leading young actors. There are reports that he has been offered the lead role in this summer’s centerpiece drama. If something sensitive were to be disclosed here in the future, it is likely that all parties concerned would take action, such as issuing a rebuttal.

This is because, regardless of the facts, Yuu Shirota, another target, had three of her commercials cancelled after her private life was exposed by Higashitani.

In the future, this pay channel may become an “ignition point” for a series of troublesome incidents. It will be a headache for the entertainment industry….

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