The watch is worth 5 million yen,” the suspect in the Terra case told this magazine. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

The watch is worth 5 million yen,” the suspect in the Terra case told this magazine.

Despite confidently saying, "I am convinced (that he will be a savior)." ......

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Suspect Takemori walking on a street in Tokyo in July 2008.

A man in a black suit walks with a tall young man on a street in Tokyo. The dark-skinned man is chatting and laughing, but occasionally casts a sharp glance at his surroundings. The man is Kaoru Takemori, 50, a former executive of a medical-related company, Senegenics Japan.

Takemori was arrested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department on February 25. A reporter for a national newspaper said, “The man was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on February 25.

The suspect is suspected of publishing false information in order to raise the stock price of the medical venture Terra. Specifically, when Terra announced in October 2008 that it would raise approximately 3.5 billion yen from Sene through a third-party allotment of new shares, the suspect disclosed false information that there was approximately 7.5 billion yen in a non-existent account at a restaurant management company.

In April 2008, SENE announced that it would develop a new type of corona drug in collaboration with Terra, and in mid-July of that year, this reporter met with Takemori and interviewed him.

He said, “We are currently conducting clinical trials for a new drug, and all the trials will be completed on July 22. The stock price is going up today, and it was reported on Mexican TV. They are showing (new drug trialists) being discharged from a state hospital in Hidalgo. They are dealing with all these people who were going to die within a week, and so far almost everyone is recovering.”

The Takemori suspects said so about the effectiveness of their “new drug.

When asked why, despite all this news, it had not been widely reported around the world, Takemori said the suspects kept it to themselves.

The point is that over there (Mexico), there are no remedies such as Lemdecivir. So then, when something that is thought to be a cure is developed, there is a rush of patients. To avoid that, we haven’t publicized it.”

He said confidently, “I’m convinced (it will be a savior).” ……

A reporter asked, “So you are the saviors in Mexico?” Takemori’s voice rose sharply as he answered.

I am now convinced that this will be the case.

Takemori, who is in a good mood, is wearing a Harry Winston wristwatch, which he says is “the most beautiful watch I have ever worn.

The price is about 5 million yen.

The “I’m not a fan of this” type of talk.

At that time, Takemori was full of himself, saying that his new drug would be named “Prometheus,” but about a year and a half later, he fell into the hands of the moderator. The reporter mentioned above speaks.

In early February, three people, including the president of an investment advisory firm, were arrested for insider trading. In addition, at the end of February, the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office’s Special Investigation Department raided a consulting firm in Tokyo, which is also said to be ‘Terra-related.

The bottom is still out of sight in this case.

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