Dexterous comedian Tukurokun reveals “Afterwards with the middle school students already.” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Dexterous comedian Tukurokun reveals “Afterwards with the middle school students already.”

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‘Ghost Accusation Fiasco’ Unresolved, Goes to Trial

Tukurokun surrounded by his works. He does everything himself, from procuring materials. The quality of his work is getting better every year.

There will be no settlement with Mr. “No More Junior High School Students. We have decided to go to court.

The comedian Tsukurokun (48), a member of Yoshimoto Kogyo Co.

I accuse the junior high school student who ghosted me. With such a disturbing title, Tsukurokun, a junior comedian, accused the popular comedian “Mou Chugakusei” (39) in the January 13 issue of “Shukan Bunshun. Most of the props for “Mou Chuugakusei” were produced by Tsukurokun based on the instructions of “Mou Chuugakusei. Tsukurokun repeatedly asked for clarification of the maker of the props, but the request was denied.

Senior comedians all reacted to this news, not only Panther Mukai Satoshi, who also belongs to Yoshimoto Kogyo, but also Eleky Comic and Katagiri Hitoshi, both from other companies, mentioned this matter on their respective radio programs. In fact, Tsukurokun is widely known in the industry as a specialist in the production of props for comedy.

He has made props for Panther, Hannya, Okazu Club, and others. I think I have made more than 1,000 props, including small ones. I get paid well for my work, including the cost of materials, but I give the props to the artists after I have made them, so there is almost no work left in my possession.

He says he never studied art until he became a comedian. How did he come to make props?

The first time I made props was when I made a post for a live performance by Milk Crown (who disbanded in 2001), who was in the same year as “Mou-Naka”. The artist called me that morning and I was crazy about making it, and it got a good reputation for being well done. Other people started asking me to make them too. When I think back on the things I made in those early days, they are all embarrassing. It was also after that that I began to receive personal requests for my work from Mr. Mochu.

What is important in a comedian’s props is not only their appearance. For example, even a single harisen, no matter how beautifully made, is useless if it does not make a proper sound. As a comedian, Tsukurokun does not need to give detailed instructions to create the props he wants. It was only natural that the senior members of the team were inundated with orders.

The most publicized costume I’ve ever made was for Robert Akiyama’s “Creator’s File. The show was about Yoko Fukuchigami, a total fashion advisor. I created the pattern based on an illustration drawn by Mr. Akiyama. I made the headgear look like hijiki and added octopus suckers on the sleeves. Now I sometimes receive requests from other agencies, such as Eleky Comic.”

Tukurokun only asked that “Mokuchu” reveal the producer, not the money. Both parties must have had lawyers and continued discussions, but why did they come to the conclusion of a trial?

The other comedians told me that the props were made by Tuculoklön. So the mojo was not with the others.” The only one who said, “Pretend I made it,” was “Mochu. After the article was published, we continued to negotiate, but in the end, the answer was no apology and no publicity. I think the way the court system works, we’re going to have to ask for money, but I really just want them to clarify who produced it.”

FRIDAY sent a letter of inquiry to Yoshimoto Kogyo regarding the discussions between Tsukurokun and “Moukouchu,” but received no response by the deadline.

Even though they are both comedians, it seems that they could not settle the matter by turning it into a laughing matter.

Tsukroken said, “Mr. Ganaka is a really good person and I am grateful to him, but I just can’t forgive him for this one incident.”
Dexterous comedian Tsukurokun reveals what happened with the junior high school student.
Dexterous comedian Tsukurokun reveals what happened with his junior high school student.

From the March 18, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Interview and text Writer Carlos Yabuki Photography Junsei Todoroki (Tsukurokun)

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