Fujimon “pays all the school expenses” and Yukina Kinoshita’s “current boyfriend” causes a stir. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Fujimon “pays all the school expenses” and Yukina Kinoshita’s “current boyfriend” causes a stir.

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Yukina Kinoshita is currently dating a J-Leaguer. Her children seem to miss him…

Attention has been focused on two men surrounding YouTuber Yukina Kinoshita.

Kinoshita was at the height of her popularity as a mamatare (mother), but fell off the wagon after the “tapioca furore” in 2007. In July of the following year, her agency terminated her contract and she retired from show business. In her personal life, she has been married since 2010 to the comedy duo Fujimoto Toshifumi of “FUJIWARA” at the end of ’19. Divorced. Kinoshita has custody of the two daughters she has with Fujimoto.

After the divorce, Fujimoto continues to live on a different floor of the apartment where Kinoshita lives. She sometimes leaves her children with Mr. Fujimoto and goes out with them.

In the meantime, Fujimoto revealed an interesting story about her two daughters: on the March 13 broadcast of Yomiuri TV’s variety show “Monkumon,” a special feature on the financial situation of married couples, MC Narumi ,.

I was wondering if Fujimon is just giving a little bit to the other side now. I have children, you know.

He asked about child-support payments. Fujimoto replied

No, I’ll take care of all the school fees.

He responded, “I’m not a fan of that. Immediately, messenger Yu Kuroda

How much are you paying?”

But Fujimoto

I’m getting so disgusted. All you do is talk about money! Don’t talk about money!

I was wrapped up in the chem.

Paying child support is a natural thing for a divorced ex-husband. On the Internet, people have been saying, “Fujimon is too nice,” and some have even called Kinoshita a “good guy.

You rely too much on your ex-husband.
He’s taking a lot of money from Fujimon.

Some have been harsh, such as, “I’m not a good person.

After divorcing Fujimoto, Kinoshita has been dating Hidetoshi Miyuki, a J2 soccer player. They follow each other on social networking sites, and last September, when Miyuki stayed at a hotel in Chiba Prefecture with a view of the ocean, Kinoshita appeared behind his back on his Instagram. The post, which apparently showed that they had stayed overnight at the hotel, caused a stir.

Fujimon is indifferent to the relationship between his ex-wife and Miyuki, and says, “Please do as you please. However, he is not too happy about their lovey-dovey relationship being reported on the Internet news.

It seems as if Sanko is intentionally trying to show off his “relationship” with Kinoshita. He may feel that she is mounting him, or perhaps she is taking advantage of him.

In a YouTube video posted by Kinoshita on April 12, Miyuki himself “appeared” and introduced his daily routine, and in the evening time slot, he is seen with Kinoshita and his two daughters around the dinner table. The story is a story of the

We tried not to show Miyuki’s face, but at the end of the scene where he and his daughter were playing UNO, we caught a glimpse of his face as he fell down. This must have been an error on the part of Kinoshita’s video staff (laughs). (Laughs.) It can be seen that the two daughters are already attached to Miko.

In addition, Kinoshita attended the graduation ceremony of her 6-year-old second daughter on March 13. On Instagram, she wrote, “#graduation ceremony #graduation #second daughter #6 years old,” to which Miko replied, “I like it! The response was, “I’m not a fan of that. In the comments section, fans

So fast! Congratulations!
You’ve grown up.

The following are some of the posts on the website

For Sanko, who is looking to remarry, “I like it! However, the father of the second daughter is Fujimon, and some people on the Internet have commented, “It would be nice if he could at least keep the graduation ceremony quiet…. Perhaps there is a discrepancy between the temperature of Ms. Kinoshita and Sanko and that of the public.

They say love is blind, and it seems that this is exactly what is happening.

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