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Maya Kobayashi’s Ex-husband’s Exposé in His Blogs is About to Create Chaos to the Industry

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Maya Kobayashi announced her divorce. Her ex-husband Akira wrote on his blog about his “resentment” toward her relatives and the entertainment industry …

The entertainment world is abuzz with the appearance of two “exposé men.

One is Yoshikazu Azumaya, former president of an apparel company, who has been exposing the dark side of the entertainment industry one after another. He says he “lost everything” because of the trouble with popular YouTube star Hikaru, and has been exposing the ” secret faces “of celebrities he has had relationships with on a YouTube channel he launched.

As of March 14, he had about 700,000 subscribers to his channel. So far, actors Yu Shirota and Tsuyoshi Ayano, Ryusei Fujii of Johnny’s West, and Domon Okura, the girlfriend of the celebrity Michyopa, have become his “friends”.

He is already very famous on the Internet under the nickname “Garsy. He says,’I’ve lost everything, so I have nothing to fear.’ In a way, he is invincible, and no one can stop him. The number of views of his videos has generally exceeded 2 million. She has become a presence that even entertainment production companies cannot ignore.

Another person to keep an eye on is Maya Kobayashi’s ex-husband, yoga instructor Gin Kunimitsu. On his blog, he criticizes the public, Internet naysayers, TV stations, and even Kobayashi’s brother-in-law, kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo, on a daily basis.

Although they are divorced, they still live together and seem to have a close relationship, “said a person involved in a wide-ranging TV show.

In particular, Kunimitsu criticizes Kobayashi’s appearance in the information program “Gutto Luck! (TBS) MC Shiraku Tachikawa.

Kobayashi left the show in November of the year before last, but she was not satisfied with Shiraku’s words and actions at that time, and wrote in her blog

Is it okay to insult Maya on TV?
Shiraku-san, please tell me.
“Lame as ever, isn’t it?
Please apologize for insulting Maya.

On the 11th, he said that if any more “false information” was circulated, “Gutto Luck! He also announced that he would write about Shiraku and Shiraku, saying,” I will write more things about them.

The brunt of the criticism was directed at Ebizo as well. After admitting that Kunimitsu has been estranged from Ebizo since his marriage to Kobayashi

Speaking of protecting yourself, Ebizo, you could have helped me and Maya, no matter how much you wanted to.

What’s so admirable about abandoning your relatives when you’re a respected Kabuki actor that you’re willing to do the work of a man who carries the traditions of the performing arts on his shoulders?

He expressed his anger. Kobayashi has remained silent about Kunimitsu’s actions, but after receiving slanderous comments, he updated his official blog on January 12.

He said, “You must still be brainwashed to stay with him even though you are divorced. It is said that brainwashing is hard to get rid of. I know you will probably say,” Well, I’ll go out on a limb and ask the readers of this blog.

He asked his readers the reverse question.

At first it was unclear to what extent Ms. Kobayashi was involved in Kunimitsu’s accusations, but it turned out that they were working together, and on the 13th Kunimitsu wrote at the end of his blog under their joint names, “From Gin Kunimitsu and Maya Kobayashi.

In response to the unusual situation, Ebizo wrote in his blog

I saw Maya’s blog. If any of my fans are worried about me and are hurling insensitive words at Maya-chan, please stop.

I really appreciate your support for me from the bottom of my heart. I hope you will support Maya-chan as much as I do.

He called for a halt to the slander. The sports newspaper reporter mentioned above said

Ms. Kobayashi will start an online course as a spiritual counselor this spring. She is also active as a stage actress, but honestly speaking, the real income will not be that much. It seems that she intends to focus on her activities with Kunimitsu.

He said, “I am very happy to be here.

It is unclear what action the two will take in the future, but more and more people in the entertainment industry will gradually wary that they, too, will be named.

Higashitani and Kobayashi & Kunimitsu-. What lies behind the same timing is anger and hatred. Many people in the entertainment industry may be trembling with fear because of the unpredictability of the situation …

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