Makiko Tanaka Trembling While Shouting “No War” as the Tension in Ukraine Gets Worst | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Makiko Tanaka Trembling While Shouting “No War” as the Tension in Ukraine Gets Worst

Former Foreign Minister's "Love" of Quick and Passionate Solidarity and Gathering "Expectations

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Ten years have passed since his retirement from politics. Makiko’s power has exploded! Can the former foreign minister who stood up to the crisis in Ukraine become a muse …! Photo: Natsuki Sakai / Afro

What is this? What in the world happened and why did it happen? ⁉︎︎ We must not go to war, ever!

On February 24, when Makiko Tanaka learned of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she was said to have stood up and shouted in anger, her body trembling.

From that day on, former Foreign Minister Tanaka Makiko was on the run. She called every prominent person she could think of in the political, business, and cultural worlds, calling for support for Ukraine.

Makiko moved immediately.

Makoto Noriko contacted architect Tadao Ando, ​​violinist Teiko Maebashi, former Commissioner for Cultural Affairs Ryohei Miyata, and former Ambassador to Ukraine Toichi Sakata, among others. IT Company CEO I have heard that many supporters have already gathered, including former friends of the company, politicians, and others who have been in close contact with the company.

On February 28, a week after the invasion, she and her husband, former Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka, visited the Ukrainian Embassy in Nishiazabu, Minato-ku. The meeting between the Tanakas and Sergiy Korsunsky, Ukraine’s plenipotentiary ambassador to Japan, lasted over an hour. Makiko said she was concerned about the serious situation and

We would like to collect donations from the private sector and deliver them to the Ukrainian people. If there is anything else we can do, please contact us.

He transmitted his enthusiastic solidarity.

He told the ambassador that a fundraising campaign called “Mirai Ukraine Refugee Assistance Fund” (tentative name) would be launched by volunteers who responded to Makiko’s call.

The Kishida administration said, “Too late!”

Ambassador Korsunsky complained at this time that he had not been able to fulfill his meeting with Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi. This apparently angered Makiko, who in turn directed her anger at Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

What is the Kishida administration doing? He keeps giving vague answers. Don’t they understand that Ukraine and Poland, which supports Ukraine, spend their days worrying about when Russia is going to attack? The Kishida administration’s response has been nothing short of slow! “

Makiko’s heart went out to the people of Ukraine. And as a former foreign minister, she must have felt unforgivable about Japan’s slow response compared to its solidarity with its neighbors.

The defense ministry carrier chose his words carefully as he expressed his sense of crisis.

I think that in the not-too-distant future, the capital city of Kiev will fall. We believe that this is a state of emergency, a major turning point in the world order. However, due to the backlash of international public opinion, As a result, the new Ukrainian government will be locked in a quagmire civil war with the rebels, a tense and stressful situation that will be prolonged. The I am concerned about that. “

Half a month has passed since the war began. Here, at last, the tone around Prime Minister Kishida has become more rhetorical, saying that the world should not be a place where President Putin’s logic is allowed to prevail.

Prime Minister Kishida is going to launch thorough economic sanctions. The final stage of the sanctions will be a total suspension of Russian crude oil and natural gas trade by Japan, as well as by Europe and the United States. However, it will take one to two years to get there. As Japan has no energy resources, it will have to make an extremely difficult decision.

Expectations Gathering for Makiko Power, Still a Powerful Communicator

The government is not moving fast enough. This is precisely why Makiko Tanaka’s move to provide humanitarian assistance to Ukraine is both praiseworthy and highly anticipated. No official announcement has yet been made as to when this organization will be fully operational. However, even now, after her “retirement,” Makiko Tanaka’s ability to send out messages has a sharpness and strength that far surpasses that of active politicians.

It has been exactly 10 years since she lost the 2012 general election and retired from politics. However, during this time, there was always a “longing for Makiko Tanaka.

I’m not thinking of returning to politics,” Tanaka said. It’s not like a “Roman holiday,” but I can finally take an “old woman’s holiday. I’ve had enough of the politics of the world.

Makiko says she tells people around her that her presence is overwhelming.

Makiko Tanaka once engaged in a heated debate with Muneo Suzuki over Russia. Now, she is saying, “See, I told you so! I am sure they must be thinking,” What is it that I am doing? Regardless of what kind of “retirement” she envisions, there may be high expectations for Makiko’s power at a time when Japan needs a clear statement of intent regarding the invasion of Russia.

  • Interview and text Tyler Nagata Photo Natsuki Sakai/Afro

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