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Hanako Okabe Share His Feelings as a New Father and a Married Man

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Okabe, holding hands with his beloved wife, Ako, as he answered direct questions.

The long-awaited birth of their first child.

Dai Okabe, 32, of the comedy trio Hanako, welcomed a child on March 8. His company, Watanabe Entertainment, announced Okabe’s joyful comment on March 10.

Our family has added one more member to our family! Both mother and child are healthy! I hope to be a reliable father like my hometown’s senior, Hiroshi Nohara (father of the master child in the anime “Crayon Shin-chan”)!

Okabe got married last March. He and his loving wife, Ako, had been together for 10 years before their marriage.

Ako-san is a graduate of Waseda University, like Okabe-san, and is an elite female office worker who has worked for a well-known company. Okabe-san had long been urged by his partner Hiroki Akiyama and Ryudai Kikuta, who are both married. They have been together for more than 10 years, right? When are you getting married?

When this magazine directly hit him, he said, “I’m happy!”

Okabe and Ako submitted their marriage registration to the ward office in Tokyo on March 22 of last year. FRIDAY “caught up with them at that time. After submitting the marriage certificate, Okabe returned to his home with Ms. A. The FRIDAY caught up with Okabe at that time. Okabe spoke of his feelings toward his beloved wife.

–Congratulations on your marriage!
He said, “Thank you very much. …… Huh? Huh?”

–You took a cab to the government office, didn’t you?
Okabe: “Oh, yes. Yes.”

–How are you feeling now?
Okabe: “Ah, yes. I am happy!”

–How did you and your wife get together? You mentioned on TV that you have been together for more than 10 years now.
Okabe: “Oh, yes. He’s a junior in my comedy club.”

The Okabe family has expanded its family. I wish you many years of happiness!

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