Ukrainian Olympic Medalist, Bilodid, Seeing the World as Full of Evil Demons! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Ukrainian Olympic Medalist, Bilodid, Seeing the World as Full of Evil Demons!

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Bilodid (from his Instagram @ dariabilodid7) appeals for support for Ukraine on Instagram every day.

As the war of Russian aggression against Ukraine intensifies, Dalia Bilodyd (Ukraine), the Tokyo Olympics bronze medalist in women’s 48-kilogram judo, known as the too-beautiful judoka, is screaming. Was “heartbreaking” to read.

‘Why are there so many demons in this world?

Bilodid used the Insta story function to spell it out in white letters on a pitch black image. She continues to transmit the devastation in Ukraine on a daily basis. With international recognition and 510,000 Insta-followers, Bilodyd never stops telling the world what is going on in Ukraine, as if it is her mission.

A photo of a pregnant woman being carried in a tanka on …… in a post stating that “Russian troops attacked an obstetrics and gynecology clinic.” And.

Stop already! “I hate the Russian military. We want them to taste our pain.”

He also used strong language at times to express his anger.

Bilodid, now 21, won the 2018 World Championships at the age of 17, breaking the record for youngest competitor, and then went on to win the World Championships the following year, winning again. He was also a candidate for gold at the Tokyo Olympics , but ended up with a bronze medal.

She marked excellent proportions due to her long arms and legs and height, which are her weapons, and she receives tens of thousands of “likes” when she shows her personal outfits. The influencers are all over the world.

Bilodeau has many fans in Japan and recently called for donations to the Japanese people.

Dear Japanese followers. This man is my trusted friend. He worked for Mitsubishi Motors for 20 years. Now he runs a charity company that helps refugees with shelter and food. Please see the following page for a video taken in a bomb shelter in my beloved Kiev. Please donate as much as you can. “

I can only hope that peace will soon return to Ukraine.

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