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Popular YouTubers Preferred Not to be Associated with GACKT

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GACKT is on an indefinite hiatus due to health problems, and there are dark clouds over the production of the sequel to the movie “Sho de Saitama” …

Mr. Yoshikazu Azumaya, who runs the popular and revealing YouTube site “Garcy ch,” announced last September that he was taking an indefinite hiatus to recover from an illness. He mentioned GACKT.

When asked about GACKT by a general user in a chat room

“Takanori Nishikawa of TM said,” Don’t hang out with GACKT. “I was stopped. So I don’t get along with them. But he did come to our store a few times.”

and Mr. Azumaya has answered the same question about GACKT twice in the past.

When he posted a video in which he thanked one of his oldest friends, Shinsuke Shimada, for his friendship, he said, “I will not stop seeing him as long as he does not do me any harm.

Although Higashitani had such a “wide range of friends,” he stayed away from GACKT, partly on the advice of those around him. The company says.

When a user asked an edgy question about the angle of GACKT on a live YouTube broadcast, he was asked to answer the question.

I don’t know. There are a lot of people like that. They wonder if they will ever come back to Japan.

He spoke, but revealed that he did not have a close friendship with them.

Speaking of GACKT, he is commonly known as “He also became a billboard for the virtual currency” Spindle, “called” GACKT Coin. Many fans and followers flocked to buy it, but it crashed immediately after it was listed. The pre-listing pre-sale price was 30 yen, but it is currently in the doldrums.

The industry derides such worthless virtual currencies as “electronic trash. It was a hot topic, but before long it seems to have faded out with no repercussions.

Last year, shortly after announcing his hiatus, GACKT was reported in the weekly Bunshun magazine to have had an affair with a married woman. The sequel to the movie “Sho de Saitama” is also in the midst of being suspended due to GACKT’s recuperation, further pinching him. The film is directed by Fuji Television’s Hideki Takeuchi, but the production of the sequel seems to be in limbo on many fronts, due in part to the early retirement offer in January.

GACKT is taking a break, but he made his move on March 10. It was revealed on Twitter through his secretary that GACKT will be broadcasting messages on the voice communication application “Clubhouse.

GACKT has finally begun to show signs of restarting his career, and there is no doubt that he is a remarkable person in many ways.-.

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