Japan’s Former Self-Defense Forces Official Tells Why He Applied for the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Japan’s Former Self-Defense Forces Official Tells Why He Applied for the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps

Embassy recruits on Twitter: "Russia is a virtual enemy. I applied out of righteous indignation."

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Approximately 20,000 people from various countries applied for volunteer service. President Zelensky announced that the first group of volunteer soldiers had already arrived in Ukraine.

About a week has passed since the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan recruited “volunteer soldiers” on February 27. What is the current situation of these “volunteer soldiers”? This magazine contacted Mr. A, a former senior officer of the Self-Defense Forces On condition of anonymity, we were able to ask him why he applied.

I found out about the recruitment on the 27th, and applied on the 28th via SNS. Russia was a virtual enemy of the Self-Defense Forces, where I served for decades. The main reason for my application is that I cannot tolerate Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine without legal grounds and in a manner that deviates from international rules.

When Mr. A applied for the job through a social networking service, he received a notice back with a phone number.

It seems that you register with a company that is commissioned by the embassy to do the recruiting. However, I can’t get through to that number. I went to the embassy and met with the staff, but the Japanese government has suspended recruitment, so there is nothing we can do at this time. “

Was there any discussion about compensation?

No, not at all. The most important requirement seemed to be professional training experience.

Mr. A has received no information about who else has applied for the job. Although the situation is in limbo, his determination to help Ukraine has not wavered at all.

I am over 40 years old and my physical strength is definitely declining, but I think there are things I can do to support Ukraine with my experience in areas such as telecommunications, “he said. Physical strength is not the only thing that counts in war ..

About 20,000 volunteer soldiers from various countries have already gathered in Ukraine. Will the day come when the Japanese will be there?

From the March 25, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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