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Putin’s Reported Mistress is an Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics

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Kabayeva is rumored to be the mistress of President Vladimir Putin (left). She has tremendous speaking power in Russia (Image: Reuters / Afro)

“In the history of sports, there has never been a more embarrassing one. Page did not exist. The leaders of many international sports organizations have acted unbecoming of sports ethics under various pretexts. Now it is all becoming clear.”

04 Alina Kabayeva, a gold medalist in rhythmic gymnastics at the Athens Olympics in 1964 ( 38 On March 3, the International Paralympic Committee (I Paralympics) issued a strongly worded criticism via Russia’s state-run TASS news agency in response to the decision by the decision by the International Paralympic Committee to exclude the delegations of Russia and friendly Belarus, which had invaded Ukraine, from the Beijing Games.

Kabayeva is known as the “Queen of Rhythmic Gymnastics.” She has tremendous influence in Russia. There are special circumstances behind this.

She is regarded as President Vladimir Putin’s mistress. 08 In April 2006, the Russian tabloid Moskovsky Correspondent reported that Kabayeva and President Putin were having a male-female relationship. Soon after, the paper suddenly ceased publication, citing financial difficulties. It is rumored to have incurred the wrath of President Putin and was shut down.

Since then, Kabayeva and Putin have often been seen alone together. Kabayeva, who considers herself “Putin’s loyal subordinate,” has been seen alone with President Putin on many occasions since then. 09 Year 12 December. In March, she gave birth to a baby boy without revealing the father. It is said to be President Putin’s child, “said a reporter from the international section of a national newspaper.

A place to live with four children

Called a “mollusk” for his performance during his working years.

Perhaps thanks to President Putin’s favor, Kabayeva enjoyed an exceptional career after retiring from competition. 14 When he was appointed head of public relations for the Sochi Olympics in February of 2006, he was the youngest (at the time) 31 At the age of 18 In addition, he is the general manager of the group. He has even been promoted to the position of

According to the New York Post and other US media, Kabayeva has four children with President Putin and currently lives in a villa in Switzerland, a neutral country in Europe. For the past two or three years, she has not made public appearances, and we have not heard anything about her movements.

Kabayeva’s sudden criticism of the Paralympics, after being away from the public eye for some time. Behind this is President Vladimir Putin’s intention, “said Itsuro Nakamura, a professor at Tsukuba University and an expert on the situation in Russia.

Russia is on the verge of collapse as a sporting superpower because it has been excluded from international competitions. There is a possibility that upset athletes will move their nationality to other countries and plan to participate in the Olympics or the World Championships. Kabayeva’s statement is a message of’stay in the country.

It also has another frightening meaning. It is a well-known fact in Russia that Kabayeva has a very close relationship with Vladimir Putin. In other words, she speaks for the president. It’s also a threat, saying,’You know what will happen if you abandon Russia and leave the country.

In Russia, it seems that athletes’ statements are also used as a political tool by the autocratic president.

He has won two medals at the Olympics.
Also worked as a model after retiring from competition
  • Photo Reuters/Afro

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