Is China’s Plan to Invade Taiwan and Senkaku Island Reason For Being Silent In Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Is China’s Plan to Invade Taiwan and Senkaku Island Reason For Being Silent In Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine?

All-around special feature: "Runaway Russia and Putin's Ambitions."

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Ukraine Crisis Reveals US Weakness

Behind the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, China has been conspicuous in its presence, abstaining from voting on a resolution condemning Russia that was voted on at the UN Security Council on February 25. International journalist Toshihiro Yamada explains.

The UN Security Council resolution condemning Russia for its invasion of Ukraine on February 25 was rejected after Russia exercised its veto.

For China, which has long sought to annex Taiwan, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could not have been a better simulation. By analyzing the war situation in Ukraine and the international community’s response, they are meticulously planning information and tactics that will help them conquer Taiwan.

In fact, China has begun to exert pressure on Taiwan in response to this Russian move. It is frequently conducting “gray zone operations,” in which Chinese aircraft of “unknown nationality” are allowed to enter the skies over Taiwan’s outlying islands. The aim is to show off territorial rights and to analyze Taiwan’s military capabilities.

There is a strong possibility that China will take some kind of military action in the future. However, as long as the world’s anti-war consciousness is strong due to the situation in Ukraine, it is unlikely to make any spectacular moves. It is watching its economic relations with the West and vigilantly watching for the right moment to make a move.

As Western countries had previously warned, they have imposed the largest and most severe economic sanctions on Russia. The core of the sanctions is the exclusion of Russia from SWIFT, which is responsible for brokering and executing international financial transactions between banks. This will prevent Russia As the international desk of a national newspaper puts it. From conducting foreign currency transactions and isolate it from international markets. Ironically, however, Russia’s isolation is a tailwind for China’s economy.

It is expected that Russia, which has been excluded from SWIFT, will increase direct transactions with China and shift to a trade system using “Russia’s isolation from the international market is a boon for China, which is aiming to increase its share of yuan settlements. the yuan as the currency. The yuan’s international share will increase. “

Meanwhile, an increasing number of countries are participating in CIPS, an international interbank settlement system for countries subject to economic sanctions by China from the United States. These include many emerging countries such as Malaysia and South Africa, which are mired in debt due to China’s. With the inclusion of Russia, which holds natural gas rights, in addition to oil-producing Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, China will have a strong influence on the international market for natural resources.

Chinese money will dominate international markets even more than now, and the “yuan economic zone” will expand rapidly, “he said. The future is not far away when the US dollar will be replaced by the yuan.

Japan can no longer be a stranger to the world. The Senkaku Islands are among China’s targets.

The US military is now beginning to withdraw from Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries around the world. Presence in Asia. There is a great possibility that the US military will lose its role in Asia. At that time, China will come for Taiwan, the East China Sea, and even the Senkaku Islands.

The global power structure is about to change dramatically. Can Japan and Taiwan survive the chaos of the international community?

President Vladimir Putin and President Xi Jinping during their meeting in preparation for the Beijing Olympics. They are strengthening their unity.

From the March 18, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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