Maya Kobayashi Still Living With Her Divorced Husband — Both Opened a Business Related to Spiritual Realm! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Maya Kobayashi Still Living With Her Divorced Husband — Both Opened a Business Related to Spiritual Realm!

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Maya Kobayashi, a freelance announcer, announced her husband Akira’s divorce on March 10. She said they are still living together after the divorce, but …

I have decided that from now on I will also attack.

Maya Kobayashi, a freelance announcer, announced that she has divorced from her husband, Gin Kunimitsu, a chiropractor known as “Akira,” whom she married in 2006.

Akira posted three blogs on March 10. In quite lengthy posts, he exploded his dissatisfaction with the public’s opinion of him and his wife.

Moreover, in the second blog post, he wrote

Why are you so aggressive about the lack of punctuation? Have you done something wrong or committed a crime?

The “punctuation-free version” of the long sentence.

Kobayashi, on the other hand, announced her divorce on her own blog, citing Akira’s blog, but has not commented directly on the divorce herself (as of January 11).

The two were married in ’18 and were a friendly couple, distributing their lovey-dovey activities publicly on YouTube. However, Kobayashi claimed to have been “bullied” on “Good Luck” (TBS) and left the show. Akira also admitted on his blog that he accompanied Kobayashi to the TV station.

I certainly yelled at the staff. But I went along with them to protect Maya. I went along to protect Maya-chan from harm by the office manager.

He excused himself. He insisted that he had permission to accompany them because he had been given a pass by the TV station. And although they were formally divorced to avoid slander

I’m enjoying my time with Maya, and although we’re divorced, it’s only on paper.

I consider myself the most loving husband in the universe.

He also revealed his heart’s desire to be a part of the world.

She did not say when they divorced, but she wrote in her blog that she was “bitter” about Ebizo’s “welcome back” to Maya in October last year. So it is possible that they were divorced at this point.

However, I do not know why they decided to make it public at this time. The content of their writings shows that they are venting all kinds of frustrations, so it may be that they have reached the limit of what they have been accumulating.

He seems to be particularly concerned about comments from the general public, and in response to a comment on YouTube, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to show lovey-dovey love”, he wrote

If you have time to be jealous, you should work on improving yourself. You don’t have a girlfriend because you’re not attractive.

He countered. He declared that he would “attack” such comments from now on.

Meanwhile, Kobayashi started a paid magazine “Maya Kobayashi: Director of the Maya Happy Numbers Department” last month, which costs 550 yen per month. In it, she writes articles with titles such as “Messages from the deceased” and “Messages from Kami” -sama.

In addition to bodywork, Akira also offers fortune-telling and exorcism on his menu. Although divorced, the two still live together and are “more than husband and wife,” so one wonders if they will find their way in this line of business.

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