Divorce Announcement, Maya Kobayashi’s “Surprising True Feelings” spoken just after her marriage. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Divorce Announcement, Maya Kobayashi’s “Surprising True Feelings” spoken just after her marriage.

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We hit the couple right after their marriage in July 2006. Ana Kobayashi was on a high.

It was a very strange “farewell report.

On March 10, freelance announcer Maya Kobayashi (42) and her husband Gin Kunimitsu (38), a therapist, were divorced. Kunimitsu reported on his blog. The blog entry, which was written without punctuation, was more than 4,000 characters long. The following is an excerpt of the most important part

We’re divorced, but only on paper.

We may not be husband and wife in the family register, but we are husband and wife in our souls.

I consider myself the most loving husband in the universe to my wife.

He emphasized that the company is amicable. The reason for the divorce, which is of interest, can be found at …….

Despite the fact that the slanderous remarks about her became worse when she was with me, she stayed with me, and when I asked her for a divorce, she said she wouldn’t do it, so I pushed through with the divorce.

Deleted a large number of photos of her and her husband.

Since their marriage in July 2006, there have been reports of their breakup and reconciliation. Although it is “on paper,” it seems that they have finally come to the conclusion that they are divorced.

The divorce actually took place at the end of last year, about half a year ago. There were signs. At the beginning of this year, Mr. Kobayashi had deleted most of the photos of Kunimitsu from his Instagram page. There were rumors that she might have made peace with her past with Kunimitsu.

There were reports that Kobayashi may have been brainwashed by Kunimitsu, who is also a spiritual counselor. In August 2006, “Friday” interviewed her directly immediately after her marriage. Despite the suddenness of the interview, Kobayashi expressed his true feelings about the marriage in a high-tension manner.

–He said, “I think I’ll get married next year (in 2007),” but did you have a change of heart? I heard there was stress.

He said, “Is there any stress or any cause (for marriage)? Cahahahaha!”

As soon as he finished, he said to a woman walking nearby, “I’m being fryed…what am I going to do! He spoke to her.

-Do you know each other?

I don’t know him. Cahaha!”

Although they continue to have a good relationship, Ana Kobayashi and Kunimitsu have made the decision to divorce. From now on, they will seek a new path.

The couple has been reported to have separated, divorced, and gotten back together in various ways
In November 2008, the information program “Good Luck! (TBS), we directly interviewed Kobayashi, who had dropped out of the program. I can’t answer any questions.
Kobayashi playing with bins and botan, the children of Ebizo Ichikawa and Mao.
The couple taking a walk hand in hand shortly after their marriage.
Announcer Kobayashi giving Kunimitsu a pampered look
Violation in the no U-turn lane. Maya Anna covers her mouth with her hand. Next to her is former TBS announcer Hiroki Ando, who was riding in the Porsche.

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