Norika Fujiwara rushes out of the pick-up truck in her “jolly Norika-san” appearance! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Norika Fujiwara rushes out of the pick-up truck in her “jolly Norika-san” appearance!

The stage production of "Sazae-san," in which he starred for the second time, has been extremely well received and has become one of his masterpieces!

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Kika heads for the pick-up car. Her handbag and tote with her favorite cat on it are all blue. The black and white lace mask also suits her.

A handbag from the luxury brand Celine is carried on her arm, and her entire body is coordinated in black. Norika Fujiwara (50) looked sexy with her beautiful legs fitted into her leather pants.

It was a little past noon in mid-February when she emerged from a relaxation salon in Aoyama, Tokyo, with a nice body and the sexy scent of a married woman.

Fujiwara is currently starring in a stage production of “Sazae-san. This is the second time for Fujiwara to play the role of Sazae in this production, which takes place more than a decade after that nationally known anime. On stage, Fujiwara plays the role with her nostalgic “Showa-era curling curlers,” and she gives a good performance as Sazae with her natural cheerful character.

Some people involved with the show have said, “She is a natural for the role,” and “Kika’s masterpiece has been decided. This was right after the successful completion of the Tokyo performance. She probably came to maintain her body, which had been overworked by the daily stage performances, during her short time off before the Osaka (from February 22) and Fukuoka (from March 3) performances.

The salon that Kika visited was a private space with a completely private room, where she could have her nails done and a spa treatment at the same time.

It is popular among busy career women. Prices start at 15,000 yen for 60 minutes, which is a bit expensive for the “Showa-era representative of the common man” Sazae. (Laughter)” (Relaxation salon official).

After leaving the salon completely healed, Kika got into the pick-up car with the salon staff seeing her off behind her back.

The cheerful Norika returned to the car after about five minutes, probably having left her purse at the salon. She was very much in character, even to the point of being a bit of a goofball.

Norika married Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke, 50, in March 2004. She is now the wife of a famous actor. No matter how much of a star she had been in the spotlight before, once she became a wife of Nashien, it was customary for her to stay at home and support her husband in the shadows. It was common for them to retire from show business or cut back drastically on their work.

However, Norika is still working hard on the front lines of the entertainment industry, partly at the behest of Ainosuke. But when she goes home, she is also a housewife, and every night she treats Aynosuke to a home-cooked meal,” says a Kabuki insider.

A loving home is the foundation. Sazae-san and Norika are no different in this respect.

Unpublished photograph of Norika Fujiwara in Aoyama: “Cheerful Norika-san” discovered and photographed.

From the March 18, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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