1,000 new assassination squads… and a surprising reason for Zelensky’s refusal to defect. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

1,000 new assassination squads… and a surprising reason for Zelensky’s refusal to defect.

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President Zelensky continues to send messages to the public on a daily basis. He has been targeted by assassination squads, and his expression shows signs of fatigue (Image: Reuters/Afro)

The life of Ukrainian President Zelensky, 44, is in jeopardy.

On March 5, the U.S. media outlet CNN reported that 1,000 Russian assassins are scheduled to be sent to Ukraine. Some 400 mercenaries are already deployed in the capital, Kiev. According to the British newspaper “The Times,” at least three assassination attempts against Zelensky have been carried out so far.

The assassination targets include 24 people, including key government officials and the president’s wife. Mr. Zelensky is the biggest target. It is said that the last three assassination attempts were prevented by information from a source inside the Federal Security Service, the Russian government’s intelligence agency. However, if a new 1,000-man assassination squad is to be deployed, it will not be the same as before. ……” (reporter from the international section of a national newspaper)

The main players in the assassination plot, “Operation Beheading,” are mercenaries from Wagner, a private military company controlled by businessman Evgeny Prigozhin, known as “Putin’s chef,” and a special team from Chechen Republic dictator Emir Ramzan Kadyrov. Both are known for their brutal troops.

They don’t just assassinate their targets; they send them to concentration camps where they are subjected to indescribable torture. The killings are also brutal. The European Union has accused Wagner of human rights abuses and inhumane subversive activities in Africa and the Middle East. In December last year, the European Union (EU) froze Wagner’s assets in the EU and banned its affiliates from traveling to the region.

Government-in-Exile Plans in Poland

Western countries are also struggling with the dark activities of these brutal forces. U.S. President Joe Biden and others have asked Zelensky to flee the country. They have stated that they are prepared to assist him in establishing a government-in-exile in Poland and other countries. But see …….

“Mr. Zelensky does not appear to have any intention of seeking asylum at this time, and on March 7 he posted on a social networking site, ‘I am in the presidential palace,’ stressing his thoroughness in his fight against Russia… In a nine-minute video, he made the following appeal: ‘I am in the presidential palace, I am in the presidential palace, I am in the presidential palace.’ In a nine-minute video, he said, “I will stay in Kiev. We will not be defeated. We will never surrender to Russia and we will fight until the end.

Zelensky has been using social networking sites daily to encourage the public. The president’s message has created a sense of unity among the people. Some in Europe and the United States liken him to British Prime Minister Churchill, who fought to the bitter end against the Nazi offensive during World War II.

But the fact remains that Mr. Zelensky is in danger from the growing assassination squad. Why does he remain in Ukraine? Military journalist Buntaro Kuroi answers.

If Kiev is in danger of falling, he will move to another city. But exile is the final choice for Zelensky. He cannot just flee, leaving behind the people who support him. By making his presence known, he’s boosting the morale of the people and the Ukrainian army.

If Zelensky goes into exile, there will be two governments in Ukraine. One is Zelensky’s government in exile and the other is a Russian puppet government. The people would be split in two, and the situation would be extremely confusing. Externally, the negative factors are also significant. There is a danger that the foreign countries that are currently supporting Zelensky will see him as incapable of controlling the country and give up on him.

Staying in Ukraine, even at the risk of your life. Mr. Zelensky continues to inspire his people with his determination.

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