Celebrating Marriage! Sanshiro Komiya in love with his “yoga instructor wife | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Celebrating Marriage! Sanshiro Komiya in love with his “yoga instructor wife

Congrats!!! Only FRIDAY took pictures. Marriage registration on 2.22 "Super Cat Day"! It was "father's remarriage" that pushed him to get married again.

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The two leave the convenience store on good terms. While paying the bill, Mr. A puts his hand on Komiya’s waist, and they flirt from start to finish.

Hironobu Komiya (38) of “Sanshiro,” with slightly red cheeks and perhaps a bit of alcohol in his system, was shopping for ice cream at a convenience store. A beautiful woman resembling Ami Inamura was standing right behind him, looking on lovingly. After paying the bill, the two women folded their arms in a familiar manner and went back to Komiya’s house.

About 10 months later, on February 22 of this year, the two became husband and wife on “Super Cat Day.

Ms. A, who married Komiya, is an ordinary woman who works as an instructor at a yoga school in Tokyo. They met through a friend’s introduction and developed a relationship through Komiya’s fierce attack. They both like to drink and often go out for drinks at an izakaya in the Koenji area,” said an acquaintance of Komiya’s.

They have been dating for four years, and as of last April, when FRIDAY gave a scoop on their ♡♡♡ (May 7 and 14, 2009 issue), they were already in a relationship. They were said to be living together.

Indeed, FRIDAY witnessed the two of them going home together after buying a convenience store lunch and getting along well, as well as Ms. A waiting for Komiya to return home.

They had been on good terms since then, but a “certain change” that came to the Komiya family is said to have encouraged their marriage. A young comedian reveals.

A young comedian reveals, “Mr. Komiya lost his mother when he was in his first year of high school, but his father remarried a few years ago. Due to the corona, it was difficult for him to meet his new mother, and it was only a year ago that he was able to meet her face to face. Since then, I think the presence of her new family gradually took on a greater meaning for her. Every time he went back to his parents’ house, he looked so happy. His mother told him, “If you are going to get married, February 22 is an easy date to remember, isn’t it? He said that was the deciding factor in his decision.

We directly interviewed Komiya, who was newly married.

–Congratulations on your marriage. How are you feeling now?

I don’t have any particular reason. We lived together, so nothing much has changed.

–How did you propose?

Oh, …… we did it at home. I bought a ring and said, ‘Well, let’s get married.

–What do you like about your wife?

I feel safe when I’m with him, and he doesn’t interfere with my comedy in strange ways.

Indeed, Ms. A’s eyes were full of compassion as she watched over Komiya. We hope that this duo will be successful as well.

Komiya answers our direct questions. The wedding will be held in the future. She says she wants to have a child, but has no plans to do so yet.
Unpublished photo of Hironobu Komiya with his wife, a yoga instructor, from “Sanshiro
Unpublished cut from “Sanshiro” Hironobu Komiya, in love with his wife, a yoga instructor.
Unpublished cut from “Sanshiro,” Hironobu Komiya’s love photo with his wife, a yoga instructor, directly interviewing Komiya.

From the March 25, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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