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Saki Takaoka’s tumultuous life behind her selection for a new Fuji Television afternoon show

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Saki Takaoka has been selected as a commentator for a new Fuji Television afternoon show starting in April, “Pop UP! She is very enthusiastic about her first experience.

Pop UP!” is an information variety program that will start in April as a follow-up to Fuji Television’s noon information program “Viking More. It was announced that actress Saki Takaoka will be the Friday regular.

Takaoka announced through Fuji Television Network that she will be the regular on Fridays.

Since my debut at the age of 15, there have been many twists and turns, but I’ve been able to lead my own life through trial and error, both as an actress and as a mother of three children. I don’t know, but I was asked to be a regular on an information program, something I had never done before, and I decided to give it a shot.

He commented. Incidentally, the regulars on Monday are Hitomi Sato, Anmika and Maki Fukuda (3 o’clock heroine) on Tuesday, and Yuko Ogura on Thursday, all familiar faces on information programs, making Takaoka’s appointment rather surprising.

One wonders why Takaoka, one of Japan’s leading actresses and “without a single experience” was chosen…

According to some reports, the drama “Rika,” in which Takaoka starred as a stalker, was well received and a sequel was broadcast in 2010, creating the “Fuji route,” and she was strongly approached to appear in “Pop Up! The report says that he was asked to do so.

Of course, that is part of the reason, but the main reason is that, as she comments, Takaoka’s life has been full of twists and turns since she made her debut in the entertainment industry at the age of 15. I am sure that her experience will be put to good use in her comments.

Even though she has never been a commentator, she is still persuasive in her occasional appearances on variety shows when she speaks without flashing her teeth. I am confident that she will be able to gain a lot of sympathy from housewives of the same generation as Ms. Takaoka, the program’s target audience.

Takaoka had two sons with actor Naoki Hosaka, but they divorced in 2004. She had a daughter with a man with whom she had been in a common-law relationship since 2009, but this man established a company under Takaoka’s mother’s name, bankrupted it, and disappeared after running away with nearly 100 million yen (he was later arrested on separate fraud charges).

The debt was shouldered by Takaoka. Raised in a family of single mothers, he still lives with his mother and children in a three-generation household and continues to support his family as the family’s mainstay.

She has had a tumultuous life, not just full of twists and turns, but a life that seems to have been rushed through in the midst of a tempest. On her Instagram page, which is updated daily, she shows off everything from her children’s lunch boxes to scenes of her on location for TV dramas, as well as sexy full-body shots, and has about 290,000 followers.

Her figure is very powerful, like a mother with a liver, and she is an icon for women in their twenties. Many viewers must be looking forward to seeing what kind of comments she will make.

Anmika’s “poverty episodes” have become a popular theme, and she has achieved great success on variety shows. I wonder what kind of episodes Takaoka will be able to share…

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