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Prelude to Cracks in Putin’s Regime… “Shocking Contents” of Internal Russian Documents

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A placard reading “Putin, the man who went crazy.” Backlash has spread at home and abroad (Image: Reuters/Afro)

[Claire The invasion of Ukraine is a complete failure.

Russia’s government intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service ( FSB The internal document, allegedly created by the “Russian Federation (Russian Federation),” contains shocking denials of President Vladimir Putin’s decision.

On March 7, the British newspaper “The Times” reported the existence of the internal document. The Russian anti-government website “ Gullagnet Vladimir Osetkin, who runs FSB from a whistleblower at 2000 The report is a page-long document. The document includes a section to the effect that “there were no options for victory, only defeat.

Feb. 24 It has been a little more than two weeks since the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine on April 1. The war is not progressing as President Putin had hoped.

President Putin initially thought he could capture the capital, Kiev, in about two days and have Ukraine surrender by March 4, when the Beijing Paralympics begin. However, the advance has been slow. Still unable to take control of Kiev, Russian forces have been moving north 30 The city stalled at a spot about 1.5 kilometers from the city. Resistance on the Ukrainian side is probably more fierce than expected.

President Putin is said to be growing increasingly irritated. Some are concerned about his mental state. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio wrote on Twitter. ‘I wish I could reveal more of the truth, but I can say one thing for sure right now. Something is wrong with President Putin,'” a reporter from the international section of a national newspaper wrote.

The risk of resorting to cruel means is high.”

President Putin has suggested the use of nuclear weapons. There is a possibility that he will grow impatient and take more inhumane means of attack. He has already attacked three nuclear facilities in Ukraine, including a nuclear power plant. On March 6, British Defense Chief of Staff Tony Ladakin told the country’s media outlet BBC The company is also concerned about the impact of the earthquake on the local economy.

There is a high risk that Mr. Putin will resort to even more cruel measures. He will use indiscriminate bombardment of civilians and devastating shelling that will have a serious impact on nuclear facilities.

The war is becoming a quagmire. According to the Times, the internal document referred to at the beginning of this article contains the following surprising details.

[Joon Russian military casualties may have already exceeded 10,000. Communications with key units have been disrupted, and the government does not have an accurate death toll.

FSB a whistleblower commented to the newspaper, “Russia today is like Germany during World War II. With no way out of the difficult situation and no way out in sight, he said, the situation “will be a prelude to the collapse of Putin’s regime. The internal document also noted the timing of the collapse.

[Joon Economic sanctions by other countries could lead to Russia’s collapse if the war is prolonged. A tentative deadline would be June of this year.

Russian authorities have not issued an official statement in response to the reports, and the authenticity of the document is unknown. But it is probably true that there is no small amount of opposition within Russia to the invasion of Ukraine.

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