Former “V6” Sakamoto, Niigaki, Kuwako Anna… “Moments of Happiness” in the entertainment industry and newlyweds. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Former “V6” Sakamoto, Niigaki, Kuwako Anna… “Moments of Happiness” in the entertainment industry and newlyweds.

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Sakamoto and Asakai shopping in March, 2008, looking familiar.

Yui Aragaki, 33, has completed a major project.

She finished shooting the final scene of Yae (wife of Minamoto no Yoritomo), the character she played in the NHK historical drama “Kamakura no Dono no 13 Jinin,” and cranked up the film “GHOSTBOOK Obake Zukan” in which she appears. After her marriage to Minamoto Hoshino last May, she had a busy schedule, but it has finally come to an end. It looks like they will now be able to begin their newlywed life in earnest.

Niigaki-san and Hoshino-san initially lived in separate rooms in the same apartment. Partly because they were both busy, but also because they thought it would be better if they did not have to change their previous rhythm of life. It was not until last fall that they moved into another family apartment and began living together.

After “Kamakura-dono no 13inin”, Ms. Niigaki has not received any major work. It is likely that she intends to cherish her newlywed life with Ms. Hoshino from now on. Ms. Hoshino seems really happy too. I hear that she is telling people around her, ‘I can’t believe how happy I am to have the person I love by my side, whom I don’t have to worry about.

As friendly as before marriage

Gakki is happy to receive a present from a reporter on her 18th birthday (FRIDAY, June 30, 2006 issue).

As partners in life, we will continue to support each other as we move forward in our lives together.

Masayuki Sakamoto, 50, formerly of V6, and Hikaru Asami, 50, formerly the top star of the Takarazuka Revue, both of whom reached the goal late last year, made the following comments at the time. They are still living the same life as they did before their marriage.

They had been dating for a long time, and all we had to do was wait for the announcement. In March 2008, “FRIDAY” spotted the couple shopping at a supermarket in Tokyo. Although they did not engage in any significant conversation, they seemed to be in perfect synch. They looked like a married couple who have been together for many years as they picked out vegetables and put them in their shopping carts.

Sakamoto’s dog, Pecho, seemed to have taken to Asakai as well. When we saw them return to Sakamoto’s apartment together after shopping at the supermarket, it seems that they had already been living together since that time,” said an entertainment agency manager.

On the other hand, there is another woman who is using her marriage as an opportunity to focus on her work: NHK’s ace announcer Maho Kuwako (34).

Kuwako married actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa last September. She seems to have settled down in her life. In April this year, she will become the anchor of “Close-Up Today.

This is NHK’s signature news program, which was previously anchored by Yuko Kuniya. The program used to air at 10:00 p.m., but the time has been changed to 7:30 p.m. in prime time, which shows the high expectations NHK has for the program. Kuwako has a lot of responsibility.

Entertainers and female announcers are fulfilling their lives with their own lifestyles after getting married. The photos on this page show how happy they are.

Kuwako and Ozawa’s home was a five-minute drive away. The usual pattern is for Kuwako to ask Ozawa to take her home after their date.
Rashina (Shimobori Meisei) and Erika Akiyama got married in December 2009.
Masaki Sugata and Nana Komatsu. announced their marriage in November 2009
Keita Inagaki, “the man who never laughs,” returns to his car after stopping at an ATM. In the passenger seat is Takako Arai, who he would later marry. They returned home to the same apartment, photographed in April 2008.
Hidetaka Kano and an ordinary woman; married in June 2009
Tomomi Hanahara and the president of an event company; married in August 2009
Hiroyuki Ariyoshi and Mitsuhisa Natsume, married in April 2009
Ryuhei Matsuda and Maala Morgan married in October 2009.
Mayuko Kawakita and former Paris Collection model; married in January 2009
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