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Find Out the Lawyer YouTuber’s Opinion on Sued Exposé-based Channels

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Yoshikazu Azumaya aka “Garcy”, a popular expose-style YouTube star (from the official channel).

I have no choice but to be silent. “

The channel “Higashitani Yoshikazu’s Gurshi Channel [Behind the Entertainment World]” by Yoshikazu Higashitani, an exposé-style YouTube star, has been shaking the entertainment world in recent years. In response to this, Hiroki Takahashi, another lawyer, explained the situation from a legal perspective on his YouTube channel, “Lawyer Hiroki Takahashi’s Legal Check Channel.

One of the stories exposed by Higashitani involved actor Yu Shirota. His private life was exposed, and as evidence, scans of LINE exchanges were shown to the public. And in the course of Shirota’s story, the name of singer Sakurako Ohara also popped up.

The story referred to Ohara’s past, but Ohara’s official Twitter page immediately denied the allegations. In response, Ms. Ohara’s official Twitter page immediately denied the allegations, stating that they were completely untrue and that she planned to file a lawsuit and criminal complaint. Ohara is probably the first person to directly refute Mr. Higashitani’s claims.

It is only natural for a talent to respond when he or she is exposed to this kind of information. However, Attorney Takahashi said that Mr. Higashitani “is likely to be guilty of defamation.

Ms. Gurnsey’s strategy is bold and reasonable. “

He speaks as follows.

According to Attorney Takahashi’s video, Mr. Higashitani will plead not guilty if he contests either the criminal charges or the claim for damages in the civil suit. He also consulted a lawyer when he started this channel in the first place, and he shared his personal opinion that he may have already factored in the possibility of being sued for defamation and other charges “(IT journalist).

Attorney Takahashi said, “Proof of veracity is egregious! The title of the article is” The Fact Checking Process “, and it is of course necessary to confirm the facts in order for both sides to dispute the issue.

The person’s opponent, related parties, and associates could be called to testify in open court. “

He noted. If this happens, the public will be able to observe the trial, and the media will report the details of the trial simultaneously. The details would remain as “digital tattoos” for a semi-permanent period of time. Attorney Takahashi is not so sure about the possibility of this happening.

How does that balance with the 10 million yen (at most) in civil court fees? “

I have no choice but to acquiesce. “

He threw in the following words.

The more famous a celebrity is, the greater the risk of having his or her private life exposed in a court of law. Mr. Ohara’s office immediately responded, and Attorney Takahashi said, “Well said. Mr. Takahashi wondered, “How could you have said that?

When the firm sends out a comment, the media treats it as “public” and reports it. From a legal point of view, it may have been wiser to leave the case alone.

In fact, Mr. Azumaya is a member of the

I didn’t want to expose Sakurako-chan, so the office should have just let it go through. “

He declared that he would “buy the fight” if they tried to sue him.

However, there may be a limit to how far one can go in “going through with it. If you choose to ignore it,” even if you don’t deny it publicly and keep quiet about it, “you will be treated as if you have admitted it after all.

He declared that he would “expose it again” if he could verify it. If this happens, regardless of the facts, it will interfere with our work. I am not in a position to keep quiet, but I am not in a position to The celebrities whose names are on the ” accusation list” must be in a state of fear … “(Entertainment reporter)

Lawyer Takahashi puts such developments in perspective.

The military is on the line for Garthy ch. “

He predicts that the “rush to expose” Mr. Azumaya via YouTube, however, makes one wonder where he will end up ….

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