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Takeuchi & Miyoshi, Matsushima & Sorimachi, Toshihiko Tahara… The scene of celebrity “luxury car dates

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Ryoma Takeuchi and Ayaka Miyoshi went shopping at a flower shop in Shibuya, Tokyo. They headed to a friend’s house in the suburbs of Tokyo with some souvenirs.

In May 2008, the handsome actor Takeuchi Ryoma (28) was seen getting into a white luxury foreign car on the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. Sitting in the front passenger seat was a thin-faced woman. The woman in the passenger seat is Ayaka Miyoshi (25), a former model for Seventeen and a young actress whose popularity is rapidly rising.

After purchasing a sandwich at a bistro near her home, Takeuchi stopped by a flower shop on the way and then picked up Miyoshi and drove to the Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway. They drove to a friend’s house in the suburbs of Tokyo. After spending about five hours there, they returned home at 11:30 pm. After doing a lot of shopping at Don Quijote, they returned to Takeuchi’s apartment at 1:30 am. They walked into the room in a friendly manner – the two of them.

The car is a private space where they can enjoy their own time without worrying about people’s eyes. Celebrity couples also enjoy driving in their own ways. This magazine has seen celebrities on “luxury car dates”. We would like to introduce them with our treasured photos.

A couple taking their beloved daughter to and from work.

Takashi Sorimachi at the wheel of his car and Nanako Matsushima in the passenger seat. Taken in March 2008, they are one of the most lovable couples in the entertainment industry.

In March 2008, a black Mercedes-Benz pulled up near a prestigious junior high school for girls in an upscale residential area of Tokyo. Takashi Sorimachi, 47, was at the wheel. The one who got out of the passenger seat was Nanako Matsushima (47), wearing a mask.

Apparently, she had some business to attend to at school that day. As Matsushima and her eldest daughter walked toward the school gate, Sorimachi quickly took a picture of them with her smartphone out the window. He looked like a good father himself, with a big smile on his face.

A few minutes later, Matsushima came out of the school, got into the passenger seat again, and the Mercedes Benz started up. He takes off the mask he was wearing and relaxes as he talks to her. It is very rare to see Sorimachi and Matsushima without their hats and sunglasses on.

“Even now, more than 20 years after their marriage, they are still very close. In recent years, Sorimachi has been very busy with dramas such as “Partners,” but when Matsushima was busy, he took care of their two daughters.

I wonder if the day will ever come when both of their daughters will make their debut together like Kimtaku and Shizuka Kudo did.

A 10 million yen convertible

Rie Miyazawa and the Tsuyoshi Morita family return home in a convertible after dinner. Morita is at the wheel of the car, photographed in June 2006.

June 2006. The family of Rie Miyazawa (48) and Tsuyoshi Morita (42) had dinner at a small restaurant that allows pets. They were all dressed in loungewear, probably so they could hang out with their dogs.

Afterwards, the couple went to a coin-operated parking lot with their daughter and their dog. They got into a parked blue metallic convertible.

“It’s a convertible, a luxury British SUV that costs nearly 10 million yen. Their home is a luxury apartment in Tokyo with 300 square meters and a monthly rent of 1.5 million yen. Rie-san married Morita-san, and they had a picture-perfect happy newlywed life.

With Morita in the driver’s seat, Rie in the passenger’s seat, and their daughter and dog in the back seat, the convertible started off. On weekends, they probably open the ceiling fully and go for a drive to the beach.

In the passenger seat of the bright red Porsche: ……

May, 2008. Toshi-chan escorts a beautiful woman to his car after dinner at a cafe.

In May of 2008, a bright red Porsche was parked on a tree-lined street in Omotesando, Tokyo, where many people pass by. At the wheel is Toshi-chan. Toshihiko Tahara (60), who celebrated his 60th birthday this year, is behind the wheel. In the passenger seat sits a beautiful woman with long hair.

Dressed in a mini dress, she and Toshi-chan started strolling along the glamorous streets lined with luxury brand stores. After taking a 40-minute break at a fashionable café, Toshi-chan left the store and opened the door of his car to gently escort the woman out. The sound of the engine echoed, and he disappeared into the evening city.

A group of celebrity couples and married couples enjoying their private time in a luxury car. The expressions on their faces inside the car seem to be somewhat relieved to be free from their busy lives.

Yuki Uchida and Takashi Kashiwabara. Photographed in March 2008, they were doing a lot of shopping.
Ryoko Yonekura and her ex-husband enjoying a date in a bright red American car, photographed in May 2002.
NHK announcer Maho Kuwako and Seietsu Ozawa’s home was a five-minute drive away. After the date, Ozawa usually gives her a ride home. Photo taken in January this year.
On a night in November 2005, Asami Mizukawa and Masataka Kubota went for a drive from their “love nest”. They drove down the main street in the cold weather with the car open.
Erina Iwata of Nippon Television Network Corporation smiles even through her mask as Takao Osawa strokes her hair in January 2006.
Kanna Mori driving on a date. Yudai Baba throws his legs out and looks relaxed. taken in July 2007.
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