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Revealing the Truth Behind Hashimoto Toru’s Series of Controversial Comments About Ukraine’s Invasion

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Hashimoto speaks out one after another after reports of Russian aggression (AFLO)

The tense situation in Ukraine has become a topical issue in Japan. News and information programs are running daily headlines, and university professors, military experts, and commentators are engaged in controversial discussions.

Prominent among them is former Osaka Governor Toru Hashimoto.

On “Mezamashi 8” (Fuji Television Network), Hashimoto and his colleague Glenko Andriy, a political scientist from Ukraine, had a heated discussion that has become a half-regular feature of the program. He asserted that future negotiations will be affected.

Hashimoto responded by saying aloud, “How many Ukrainians will lose their lives in the meantime?”

Homeland defense. If we are in a situation where we are going to lose our lives there, we will fear criticism that it is shameful to leave the country, that we should not do it, and that we are traitors to our country.

He appealed to the audience. In contrast, Mr. Andree

If we surrender here and the Russians take over the whole country, there will only be more casualties in the end.

In 20 years, will there be any Ukrainians left? I’m talking about the Ukrainians. Under Russian rule. “

He countered in a strong tone. Unable to see it coming, MC Shosuke Tanihara

Mr. Hashimoto, I think there may be some kind of historical background that only Ukrainians can understand.

The two sides then interrupted the heated discussion with the following words: “We are not going to be able to make the same decision.

Hashimoto and Andriy had another heated exchange on the broadcast of the 7th. He said that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has been

“We should talk to Russia and reach a political conclusion.

The company insisted that it was In response, Mr. Andree

“Putin will not accept any solution other than the complete surrender of Ukraine.

and pointed out that the prerequisite for negotiations is the military surrender of Ukraine. Still, Mr. Hashimoto said, the

Putin won’t get on board because NATO won’t make concessions. “

He repeated. As both sides were getting heated, MC Tanihara again stopped the discussion.

The reaction on the Internet was to criticize Hashimoto. A sports newspaper reporter wrote

Mr. Hashimoto has always had a tendency to say things that stand out and are well received on TV. When the cameras are not rolling, he is a completely different person. He is a very polite person. But this time, as expected, an increasing number of viewers are becoming uncomfortable with his strong tone of challenge to those who are being attacked in their own country.

He points out.

Hashimoto’s comments were not limited to television; on February 27, he quoted from an Asahi Shimbun editorial on his Twitter account titled “International pressure for withdrawal from Ukraine invasion.

It’s really strange about the Asahi Shimbun. They become more vigorous when it comes to war. It was the same in the last war, but what were they usually saying? Why don’t you go ahead and encourage a political compromise between NATO and Putin to save Ukrainian lives first?

He posted. The problem is the tweet that followed.

The ultimate pressure is combat and military force, so send all the Asahi employees to Ukraine as a foreign contingent.

He tweeted. While this may have been done with a touch of sarcasm and cynicism, the post was also received by followers with

I think what you’re saying is too much. I think you should take a break.

The question was raised.

Since late last month, when Russian troops invaded Ukraine, Hashimoto has been actively sharing his views on SNS and in appearances on TV programs. He may have a desire to come up with a solution to this war, but it is too big a subject.

All of these controversies also arose because of the war. One can only hope that a ray of light will be shed on the situation as soon as possible.

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