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Simultaneous Instagram Posting of the Whole Kimura Family Hoping For Peace

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The Kimura Family sends out a message all at once

Witnessing the tragic war, celebrities also began to send out messages of lament.

Takuya Kimura, his wife Shizuka Kudo, and their eldest daughter, flutist Cocomi, and second daughter, model Koki, posted messages on their Instagram pages wishing for peace. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has destroyed cities and left many dead. The world is in despair. And saddened by the situation. In the midst of all this, the Kimura family has been drawing attention to the fact that they have raised their voices in unison.


May peace come to you as soon as possible. (Shizuka Kudo)

I hope peace will come soon. (Cocomi)

I hope peace will come soon.

Kimura put a picture of herself making a peace, Cocomi put a picture of a yellow plant with a Ukrainian flag pattern and a blue sky, and Kudo and Koki put a picture of a peaceful landscape on their messages. Fans commented, “I feel the same way. I hope peace will come soon,” and “I am Against war,” are some of the comments written by fans.

The Kimura family is known for their tight bond. They support each other whenever they are going through something difficult. When their beloved dog “Babu-chan” passed away, the four of them posted photos and messages at the same time. “Thank you Babu. Love you forever” (Koki). They seemed to be consoling each other, bringing tears to the eyes of their fan.

The Kimura family’s post made even fans keenly aware that the best entertainment they offer is only possible when there is peace.

  • Photo Keisuke Nishi, Yusuke Kondo

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