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Is Putin Hiding in the Mountain? Revealing How Ukraine & Russia’s Leaders Responded to Assassination Threat

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A disturbing movement to “assassinate” President Putin as a “murderer” is spreading around the world (Image: AFP / Afro)

[Joon] How do we end the Russian invasion? We’re going to have to kill that man.

In an interview with the US media outlet FOX News on March 3, Lindsey Gramm, a US Senator from Russia, made a disturbing comment that suggested the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Gramm also said, “Is there no Brutus in Russia?” comparing him to the man who assassinated the ancient Roman general Caesar. A US spokesman cautioned that “it is unacceptable to call for the assassination of a head of state.

The situation in Ukraine, which Russia has invaded, is hardening. “At home and abroad, anti-Russian moves are gaining momentum. It is true that a number of statements have been made in an attempt to assassinate President Vladimir Putin.

On March 2, Alex Konanikin, a wealthy man of Russian origin, posted the following on a social networking site, along with an image of President Putin’I don’t care if the wanted man is alive or dead. I promise to pay $ 1 million to anyone who detains Putin under international law'(reporter from the international section of a national newspaper).

President Putin is sensitive to these developments. He may have already left the capital, Moscow, and may have retreated to a safer location. MEP Likho Teras wrote on his Twitter account.

This information comes from a reliable Ukrainian officer. Mr. Putin is hiding with his family in a safe house in the Urals (deep in Russia) with underground nuclear shelters.

President Zelensky, “Identity of the Assassination Squad.”

Meanwhile, the situation around the Ukrainian leaders is also very volatile. On March 4, the British newspaper “The Times” reported that assassination attempts against President Zelensky have been carried out at least three times since the Russian invasion. to inside information from the Russian Federal Security Service, which is disgruntled with President Putin.

The assassination squad for President Zelensky was a team of mercenaries sent to Ukraine by the Russian private military company “Wagner.” About 400 people were mobilized. They targeted President Zelensky, his wife, Kiev Mayor Klitschko, and 24 other government officials.

Wagner’s assassination squads are active in Syria, Sudan, and other parts of the world. They took military uniforms from a military warehouse in Herson, southern Ukraine. Disguised as Ukrainian soldiers, they apparently planned to assassinate President Zelensky. Without information from inside Russia, President Zelensky would have been in absolute peril. “

President Zelensky’s attitude contrasts sharply with that of Mr. Putin. While publicly stating that “I am the biggest target” of the assassination squad’s “beheading campaign,” he refuses to flee the capital. He has stated the following.

I am in Kiev to defend my people, my independence, and my land. I am with the government officials. I will continue to fight alongside you.

The above-mentioned reporter continues.

The attitude of the leaders of both countries reflects the current situation. President Zelensky’s words and actions have been effective, and Ukraine, which should be overwhelmingly disadvantaged in terms of strength, has come together as one. On the other hand, in Russia, which Is supposed to be in a superior position, Mr. Putin’s attitude has created a mood of wariness. The assassination report has made it clear how important the message a leader sends is. International affairs cannot be measured by military or economic power alone.

This does not mean that the assassination attempts against the leaders of both countries have been foiled. The bloody dark struggle is likely to continue.

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