Brainwashed couple forced 600 times to prostitute their female roommate… Appalling use of “money paid up” by brainwashed couple. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Brainwashed couple forced 600 times to prostitute their female roommate… Appalling use of “money paid up” by brainwashed couple.

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The suspect, Yuriki Bulkhara, is being sent to prosecution. He is suspected of forcing a single mother into prostitution.

If you don’t have money, make money with your body.

The couple coerced a single mother who lived with them into prostitution. The couple forced the single mother, who lived with them, to pay a large sum of money as a “top-up,” and the two of them had a grand time together.

On February 28, the Metropolitan Police Department’s Security Division arrested Yuki Takehara, 29, a waterproofing worker, and his wife Yukino, 33, both of Itabashi Ward, Tokyo, on suspicion of violating the Anti-Prostitution Law (controlled prostitution). They allegedly forced Ms. A, a 26-year-old woman who lived with them in their apartment, to work at a dispatch-type brothel and to stand on the streets of Ikebukuro and Uguisudani and talk to men.

The couple first became acquainted with Ms. A through a video exchange website. The couple offered advice to Ms. A, a single mother, about childcare, and solicited her by saying, ‘We’ll take care of your child while you work,’ and ‘If you don’t have anywhere to go, you should live with us. They started living together in November 2006, with their 3-year-old child.

At first, Ms. A lived with the couple while working at a nearby cabaret club. After a while, the couple demanded rent from her. When Ms. A could no longer pay the rent, the couple is believed to have forced her into prostitution, telling her to ‘earn money with her body.

11 million yen over two years

The suspect, Takahara, lived in a metropolitan apartment in Itabashi Ward.

According to the investigation, Ms. A was forced into prostitution for about two years from July 2007 to November 2009. According to Ms. A’s testimony, she earned over 11 million yen, most of which the couple received under the guise of “living expenses.

The couple brainwashed Ms. A so that she could not refuse, saying things like, ‘If you leave the apartment, you won’t be able to survive,’ and ‘We’re the ones taking care of the children. Even when they earned large sums of money through prostitution, they would only give Mr. A small change. They did not even give her enough to eat.

When we asked them how they used the large sums of money they received from prostitution, we were appalled. They used the money to pay for their own wedding reception, to buy brand-name goods and luxury cars, and to pay off loans. The couple denies the charges when questioned by the police. Yuriki’s statement was, ‘He was only prostituting himself voluntarily. Yukino said, ‘I knew she was prostituting herself, but I did not force her to do so.

After receiving advice from an acquaintance, Ms. A consulted the Itabashi Police Station in November 2009, saying that she had been forced into prostitution by the resident of the room where she was staying. The incident was discovered. Former Kanagawa Prefectural Police detective and crime journalist Tahei Ogawa tells the story.

Mr. A, who was brainwashed, must have lost his ability to make calm judgments. When the amount of money demanded rises and he can no longer pay it within his capacity, he will usually feel that something is wrong, even if he is taking care of his children. In this case, the couple’s crime came to light because they had an acquaintance they could consult. If they are brainwashed in isolation, it is conceivable that some cases may never come to light.”

Ms. A and her 3-year-old child are in police custody and living in an institution.

  • Photographed by Shinji Hasuo

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