Kazuya Kojima’s “Suffering and Failure” in the Straying of “Anjush,” the Return of Ken Watanabe | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kazuya Kojima’s “Suffering and Failure” in the Straying of “Anjush,” the Return of Ken Watanabe

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Anjush Watabe Ken is back on TV. His interactions with his partner Kazuya Kojima have not been well received…

The comedy duo “Anjush,” with the return of Ken Watanabe, is a lost cause.

Watanabe resumed his entertainment activities after a year and eight months since the June 2008 adultery scandal, but his former “smug” face has faded away, and his partner, Kojima Kazuya is conspicuously absentminded. According to a reporter in charge of entertainment for a sports newspaper

Until then, Watabe was in a higher position than Anjush, who was the MC of the show. But after the series of disturbances, the situation was reversed. There were noticeable instances in which Kojima called Watabe ‘you.

In Chiba TV’s “B&W Anjush,” the episode in which Watabe returned was a “wake-up call,” with Kojima cursing Watabe incessantly, without a hint of humor.

Furthermore, on February 28, Kojima immediately took to his YouTube channel to vent his dissatisfaction with Watabe. According to Kojima, when he was about to record the black-and-white “Anjush” episode

I consulted with a lot of people, too, and we talked about what kind of episode we would make. I think he (Watabe) was nervous too. I wondered how the world would react.

He confessed his corrosive thoughts. However, during the second recording of the program, Watanabe suddenly teased him about the expiration date of Chiba Television’s boxed lunches. To this, Kojima replied

I was pissed off. You’re a little crazy, aren’t you?

He was said to have been angry.

Kojima decided that Watabe was not ready to be on the teasing side yet. He felt uncomfortable that Watabe had so easily overcome this situation. In the video, Kojima says

“That guy also managed to say, ‘Let’s go for it! Let’s make them laugh!” I’m coming here with the thought, “I’m going to do it. But it’s too early for that kind of thing. Isn’t that a bit of a different stance?

Watanabe would suddenly make reckless gestures. When I returned his reckless gesture, he would get a little irritated. He would say, “What, aren’t you a little crazy? Something like that.”

He revealed what goes on behind the scenes. Afterward, Kojima called Watabe into another room and reconfirmed the duo’s stance.

He’s probably thinking about it,” he said. He’s probably thinking about it. But I have my own ideas. No, no, no, wait a minute, it’s too early, let’s go slowly.

He said that he corrected the gap in perception.

Without a doubt, it was Kojima who arranged Watanabe’s return. He has thought of dozens of scenarios and is currently implementing one of them.

He is now executing one of the dozens of scenarios. Anjush has received calls from a number of comedians to co-star with him, but he has quietly turned down offers from “Ogi Yahagi,” who is known for his tongue, and Chihara Jr. Mr. Kojima has the personality to cross a stone bridge. He tries to start out with comedians who are less irritating,” said a person involved in the comedy industry.

However, some viewers are uncomfortable with this stance, and some have pointed out on social networking sites that the way Kojima behaves and the way he teases Watabe is not enough. Although this is only a third-party opinion, there are many voices from the comedy world that agree.

Watanabe is very attentive to Kojima, and you can feel it even through the screen. It used to be the other way around. Mr. Watanabe is a proud man by nature. I wonder how long he can stand this situation.

Another person involved in comedy said

He said, “Even though he has returned to work, it is hopeless for Mr. Watanabe to return to a key station. If that is the case, I think he should just open up and do whatever he wants.

I want him to go wild on YouTube and on stage. Anjush now looks half-hearted because they are too concerned about the public’s view.

He points out. Will the day come when Watabe rips off the collar that Kojima has put on him?

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