Sharapova’s “strange appearance on Instagram after the Russian invasion” is disturbing…! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Sharapova’s “strange appearance on Instagram after the Russian invasion” is disturbing…!

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The comment section is currently open… but it appears to be repeatedly opening and closing.

Maria Sharapova, former world number one in women’s tennis, is known as the “Tennis Fairy. She is also known as an influencer with an astounding 4.22 million followers on Instagram, but recently she has been acting strangely. Sharapova has been repeatedly closing and opening the post section on her Instagram posts.

Born in 1987, Sharapova began playing tennis at the age of four and moved to Florida, USA at the age of six. She then made her debut on the WTA tour at the age of 14. 2004, at the age of 17, she won Wimbledon and was ranked No. 1 in the world in 2005. Sharapova continued to grow, and also attracted attention as a fashion model.

With her stunningly overpowering beauty, she attracted fans on and off the court. She eventually retired at the age of 32 with a spectacular record of five Grand Slam (four major tournament singles) titles, five runner-up finishes, and a silver medalist at the London Olympics. He also achieved a lifetime Grand Slam.

After his retirement, he announced his engagement to a British businessman in December 2020. It was rumored that this would be the start of a full-fledged entry into the business world. He had already founded the sweets brand Sugapova, and has also been sharing his activities as an investor on Instagram.

He has also begun to energetically “celebrate life. Last year, he went on a trip to Europe. The Insta shows that he was in the UK in early August, in Croatia in July, and in the Turks and Caicos Islands in February at ……. Just as fans were hoping that she would come to Japan, the world was rocked. Sharapova’s home country, Russia, launched an invasion of neighboring Ukraine.

Sharapova uploaded a photo of herself at Fashion Week in Paris, France, at the beginning of March, but closed the comments section, which usually overflows with joy. Perhaps her mixed emotions were stirred by a series of war-related posts, such as “Use the power of influencers to stop the war” and “What a word for Putin” on her February 18 post, which was posted before the invasion of Ukraine.

The war has made it difficult for some athletes and influencers to speak out. What does it mean that Sharapova closed her comment section at this time? ……

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