Kei Komuro’s marriage may be postponed due to allegations of false biography | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Kei Komuro’s marriage may be postponed due to allegations of false biography

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Kei Komuro, who has been reported to have made false allegations in the “resume” used in his job search for a law firm. His marriage to Princess Mako is said to be on the verge…

Although there has been no official announcement from the Imperial Household Agency that Mako and Kei Komuro will marry, the media is reporting that they are expected to marry within the year.

Both of them will turn 30 this year, with October being their birthday month. Even though Mako is a member of the royal family, it seems that she has always dreamed of getting married before she turns 30.

It is reported that she will leave the imperial family in October and become “Mako Komuro”. It is said that she will leave the Akasaka Imperial Palace and temporarily live in an apartment until she goes to the United States.

“I’ve never heard of the royal family moving to a temporary residence following a marriage. This is probably a sign that she wants to stop being a member of the royal family as soon as possible and spend her time as an ordinary person right away. After being bashed by the public, she may have decided to leave her position as a taxpayer and say, “I will live on my own money and not cause any trouble.

However, considering the fact that the media and the general public will be targeting him, it is more dangerous out there, and the police will be working in large numbers. On the contrary, it would have been better for her to stay quiet until she went to the U.S.” (Imperial family journalist)

However, I have to admit that I find all of these actions strange. However, I can’t help but feel uncomfortable about all of these actions, because although Mr. Komuro is expected to find a job in New York, I wonder how much of a decision he has made in the first place.

The New York State bar exam is usually announced in late October, but the website of the state bar exam administration committee clearly states that the exam will be announced by mid-December, perhaps due to the influence of Corona.

In other words, there is a possibility that Mako will marry Komuro in October, when she is not even sure if she will pass the exam, based on the reason that she will marry him before she turns 30.

“It is said that 90% of Fordham graduates pass the bar exam every year, so Komuro probably thinks it will be no problem. Lawyers in New York State are said to earn 18-20 million yen a year even in their first year.

However, it is hard work and if you are not useful, you will be fired immediately. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that she fails the bar exam, she may not be able to find a job as a lawyer and may have to live a life of considerable hardship. It could be perceived that Mako is acting in a hasty manner.

“Shukan Asahi reported that Mr. Komuro sent his “resume” to a major law firm in New York State that is considered a “top 100” firm, but was not hired. I wonder if it is still difficult for a Japanese person to work at such a prestigious firm in his first year.

In addition, “Bunshun Online” published on March 15 and Shukan Bunshun, which is now on sale, reported that the “resume” may have contained false information. According to the article, it is suspected that he lied about his internship at Dentsu America when he was a student.

Even if Mr. Komuro had been offered a job, if his “false resume” is true as reported by Bunshun, there is no denying that the job offer will be cancelled. It may also affect the timing of the marriage. To begin with, she will not be able to obtain her license as a lawyer until January of next year, so there are still many people who cannot understand why she insists on getting married before the end of this year. It would not be surprising if they were to postpone their marriage for a little while until all the turmoil calms down.

“Even if he is not a member of the royal family, a parent’s heart would tell his daughter to marry only after she has found a job and has a stable income and lifestyle. I can’t deny that Mako’s marriage seems to have been a bit of a hasty decision.

If Mr. Komuro fails to find a job, he and Mrs. Mako will have a hard time making ends meet in New York. At the very least, there is a possibility that the couple will postpone their marriage and move to the U.S. until he is qualified as a lawyer and has found a job. The Imperial Household Agency is having a hard time dealing with the ‘resume report’ that has come out now,” said an Imperial Household journalist.

Four years have passed since the unofficial engagement press conference. It has been four years since the unofficial engagement press conference, and it may be necessary for Mr. Komuro himself to explain about the reports, but I wonder if there will be another upheaval in Mako’s marriage.

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