I’ll be 61 in February! Toshihiko Tahara “Take a date with my new car” Why he is too energetic | FRIDAY DIGITAL

I’ll be 61 in February! Toshihiko Tahara “Take a date with my new car” Why he is too energetic

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Toshi escorts a beautiful woman to her car after dinner at a cafe in Omotesando, Tokyo, in May 2008.

I hope that people of my generation will look at me and be encouraged, saying, ‘Toshi, you’re doing a great job.

Toshihiko Tahara, who celebrated his 61st birthday on February 28, told people.

In January, he released a photo book “DOCUMENTARY” from “FRIDAY,” showing him in a red loincloth and nude. He is scheduled to go on a nationwide tour this summer. Toshi is not declining after his 60th birthday, but rather, he is in good health. At the press conference commemorating the release of the photo book, she was asked why she continues to shine, to which she replied shyly.

I haven’t done anything. You may not believe me, but I eat what I like and I am not stoic. It’s a mystery to me how I’ve been able to keep my body in shape, but I think I’ve been doing my job as ‘Toshihiko Tahara’ for so long that I’ve become this way.”

Tag Team with Natural Enemies

At the press conference, he performed the “leg lift” that has become synonymous with the event four times. Speaking of “FRIDAY,” the publisher of the magazine, Toshi’s “bright red Porsche date” was often caught. Moreover, the location is different, and the woman she is with is a different person each time. …… I wonder if it didn’t interfere with the release of the photo book.

Toshi doesn’t mind at all. Rather, he was enjoying it. I don’t feel any ill will, and I don’t feel like I’m being dragged down. It’s an interesting tag-team with a natural enemy,'” he said.

Toshi recently changed his car from a bright red Porsche to a white luxury car. She jokingly told a close reporter, ‘I bought a new car, so take cool pictures of our date in the new car.

At first glance, Toshi seems cheerful. However, he is extremely serious about his work.

He calls his fans his “family,” and he takes them very seriously. After dinner shows, for example, he invites fans to his room at the hotel where the show is held, shakes hands with each one, and talks to each one. After the concert, he always reflects, ‘I could have given a better performance. The only time he takes a break is to play mahjong with his acquaintances once in a while.

Toshi has declared that he will continue to work until he is 70 years old. At this rate, she will be active as an idol until she turns 80, or even 100.

  • Photographed by Keisuke Nishi

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