Shivering Photo of the Putin’s “Trunk of Nuclear”, Will it be Used For Ukraine? | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Shivering Photo of the Putin’s “Trunk of Nuclear”, Will it be Used For Ukraine?

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Photo taken during President Putin’s visit to Japan in June ’19. The briefcase in the military man’s hand is the bag known as the “nuclear button.

A Russian government plane arrives at Kansai Airport in Osaka. Descending the ramp with a stern expression on his face is President Vladimir Putin, 69. Behind him is a strong military figure. In his hands are a heavy briefcase and a bag.

The briefcase is called the “nuclear button,” and it is the bag that holds the use of nuclear weapons.

The photo was taken in June 2007, when President Putin visited Japan. This “nuclear button” may be pushed right now. The situation in Ukraine has become tense due to the invasion of Russian troops.

President Putin initially thought he would be able to overrun most of Ukraine within a few days of the February 24 invasion. However, the resistance of the Ukrainian military is more fierce than expected. Even the capital, Kiev, has yet to fall.

Other countries are increasing pressure on Russia through economic sanctions, and anti-war momentum is spreading in the country. President Putin is getting more impatience , and on February 27 he ordered all deterrent forces, including nuclear missiles, to be placed in “special readiness and ordered the forces in charge of nuclear weapons to be on high alert in order to carry out their missions.

Some overseas observers are concerned about President Putin’s mental state. Michael McFaul, former US ambassador to Russia, told various media outlets, “He is becoming increasingly unstable. He looks like a different person than before,” he commented. There is a danger that President Putin, who has lost his ability to make calm judgments, may decide to use nuclear weapons.

The “nuclear button,” always close to Putin’s heart, is about to be pushed toward Ukraine. What does this bag, commonly known as the “Cheget” (named after a famous Russian mountain), Military journalist Buntaro Kuroi explains.

What I saw was a “nuclear button” carried by an attendant of the US president. It does not have a button that can actually launch a nuclear missile. It contains a series of important items to give the order to use a nuclear weapon. Specifically , they include a security authorization code, a dedicated telephone, and a table of attack options.

The decision to launch a nuclear strike is the exclusive prerogative of the president. The “nuclear button” is always nearby so that it can be delivered to the president within a short period of time. Military personnel carrying the bag are subject to strict vetting by the Pentagon and other agency in the US “

The “nuclear button” that President Putin is trying to get his hands on. The world is watching him closely.

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