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Stars Gathered in the Opening of Hiroyuki Miyasako’s Yakiniku Restaurant

Fueled by bashing, Gyugujou is now the hottest yakiniku restaurant in Japan!

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He “had a few words” for the press. He collaborated with Miyasako on a live YouTube broadcast from inside the restaurant, and was very cooperative throughout the event.

I’ll comment without being bias! “

Egashira 2:50 to the camera “I’d like to say something!”

In the midst of the “Gyugujou” being heavily criticized due to Hiroyuki Miyasako’s (51) overproduction and opaque management, he says, “Hey Miyasako! I’ll go eat at your yakiniku restaurant on the day it opens, so keep your seat open!” It is still fresh in our minds that he showed his manliness by offering a helping hand, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. As predicted, Ega-chan showed up at 7 pm on March 1, the first day of the opening, and in response to a fan’s request, “Take it, put it in, and take it out! He also showed off his poses.” 

Before 5 pm, the opening time, there was a crowd of 50 people, including the press and onlookers, but no celebrities were in sight, as the store was open only to guests invited by Miyasako on the first day. The only person who showed up early was Yuta Misaki, 32, a businessman and YouTube star known as the “Prince of Aojiru,” and at the very moment when fans began to leave, saying, “Ega-chan is the biggest name of the day” –FRIDAY did not miss it.

Seiya (29) of “Shimobori Myojyo” was coming enthusiatically!


I’m really scared. What is it? “

–Is this Mr. Miyasako’s yakiniku restaurant?

No, no, I was just passing by. I’m not going there.

–Is that a futsal outfit?

Yes. I mean, I’m being marked like crazy. Like Messi and Neymar!

I can’t believe I just happened to be passing by at this time. The attraction of “Gyugujou”, you should be afraid of it!

After a successful first day, Miyasako left the restaurant a little after 11 pm and said to waiting fans and the press, “This is Miyasako!” Pose.
I don’t know if he’s blurting it out or for real, but Seiya showed up on his way home from futsal. “Is it me? I’m not going to the Gyugujou.

From the March 18, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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