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Saori Kimura’s “jumping and dancing in white knitwear” makes fans happy…!

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Saori Kimura, whose presence has not changed during her active career and still remains unchanged (AFLO)

Former Japanese women’s volleyball player Saori Kimura has been attracting a lot of attention after she posted a video of herself jumping around in a white knit on her Instagram account. The video has been getting a lot of attention, with people saying, “That’s a cute knit,” “It’s moving! The video has been viewed 97,000 times with comments of praise such as “cute” and “beautiful.

It is a video of Kimura promoting the online sale of T-shirts by Sunny-ThirtyTwo-Club, a café and bar in Nishi-ku, Osaka, which she runs with her husband Yujiro Hidaka, a former indoor beach volleyball player, to commemorate their second anniversary. Kimura says that it was always his dream to run a cafe with his family. After retiring, he opened his dream store in 2019, but it seems that the cafe itself is currently closed due to a declared state of emergency.

The video begins with Kimura mischievously striking the pose that Ultraman does when he fires his spesium ray. “Today I’d like to show you what Sunny’s second anniversary T-shirts will look like,” he said, making his own sound effect as he introduced a flat red box with the store’s logo on it. It looked like it might contain a pizza, and was very well designed.

Inside the red box is a T-shirt and a sticker. The sticker has a “Kira” version, and he explains, “If it’s Kira, it’s Atari. If you bring it to the store, you can “exchange it for a rare item. Finally, he opened the T-shirt and introduced the pattern. It had the store’s logo with an eagle on it.

Many fans seemed to be soothed by the overflowing smile on her face as she introduced the products with a cheerful tension from start to finish. The fact that the photos were taken in a place that looked like Kimura’s home also pleased the fans. There was a giraffe tapestry on display, and the manga “NANA” was lined up on the bookshelf. …… You can get a glimpse of Kimura’s personal life.

During the Olympics, as the OG of the Japanese national team, he was busy working as a commentator, but I wonder if he will settle down after the Olympics and focus on his main job at the cafe and bar. I can’t take my eyes off Kimura more and more now. ……!

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