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Exclusive direct hit! Super Crazy, “A Sad Flesh Voice Immediately After Losing My Job”

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Super Crazy’s cheeks were wet with tears when he appeared after the Supreme Court ruling.

Thank you for everything!”

On March 4, a man bowed deeply toward Toda City Hall in Saitama Prefecture.

Super Crazy (Makoto Nishimoto, 35), a unique city councilor with tattoos all over his body, was stripped of his council badge after the Supreme Court ruled that his election was “invalid.

Super Crazy-kun was a person who made a splash in the 2008 Tokyo gubernatorial election with his suicide uniform, Mercedes Benz city advertising vehicle, and unique dance performance. He then ran for the city council of Toda City, Saitama Prefecture, in January 2009 and was elected for the first time. He began his political career in February of the same year.

However, the Toda City Election Administration Committee invalidated his election because of questions about his “actual residence in the election district for more than three months,” as stipulated by the Public Office Election Law. This came just as he was attracting attention as a “crazy teacher” and “new public relations ambassador” in his hometown.

Crazy appealed against the decision of the municipal election board and filed a petition with the prefectural election board, but his election was again invalidated. He formed a legal team and appealed to the Tokyo High Court and the Supreme Court, but the appeals were dismissed one after another. His life as a member of the Diet came to an end after only 13 months.

His eyes were swollen with tears, but he looked somewhat cheerful.

Immediately after losing his job, this magazine interviewed Mr. Super Crazy, who looked as if he was biting down on a bitter bug.

–How are you feeling now?

I was shocked, but I was ready. There was no point in getting depressed here. Actually, I received encouragement from an elderly person in Toda City. Start over from scratch! I was so happy. I have no choice but to crawl back up again.”

–What do you think of your 13 months as a member of the Diet?

When I first became a councilor, I thought, ‘I want to get results as soon as possible. But there was not much a rookie councilor could do. First, I had to learn from the terms used in the assembly. General account, supplementary budget, additional bills, petitions, petitions ……, etc., are all words I am not usually familiar with. I didn’t even know the congressional system. Frankly speaking, I learned my limitations and realized my lack of knowledge. This spring, I decided to enroll in Nihon University’s correspondence course in the Department of Political Science and Economics in the College of Law and to start studying all over again.

–What do you think you have contributed to Toda City through your life as a councilor?

I was most involved in voting on the city’s budget and other matters involving children at the council meetings. I also taught at a children’s cafeteria and at a free class to teach city government. One of my most memorable experiences was giving uniforms to the basketball team of the “Toda Kakehashi Prefectural High School for Special Needs. The school lacked financial resources and had no uniforms for the club’s activities. I thought, ‘If I am well known, I can raise money,’ so I put out an appeal on SNS, which ultimately raised more than 300,000 yen. It would be a violation of the Public Offices Election Law to give money from me, so I gave it to them from my supporters. Anyway, I was happy to be consulted by citizens on all sorts of matters.”

– – I lost my job as a councilor and am now unemployed. What are your plans for the future?

I would like to continue fundraising and charitable activities based in Toda City. I want to continue fundraising and charitable activities based in Toda City, even if people say I’m a hypocrite. And once again, I want to take my revenge as a politician.”

–This spring there will be a mayoral election in Toda, and by the summer there will be an election for the House of Councillors.

The election for Toda mayor will be held this spring, and the election for the House of Councillors will be held by summer. Nothing has been decided yet.

–In any case, isn’t it difficult to fight an election as a private political organization?

During January and February, I traveled all over Japan to recruit supporters. If this is not enough, there is no doubt that we may join forces with some political organization to fight. In fact, I have been approached by various parties. But the world of politics is like the wind. The direction of the wind can change at a moment’s notice, so you never know what will happen.

–I’m sorry, but did you really live in Toda City?

I am sure it is too late to say anything about it. I don’t want to look back now, I want to look forward. I want to think about the future, and if I could, I would like to set up my own home in Toda City.”

Will the maverick’s “political revenge” and “home ownership plan” ever come to fruition?

  • Interview and text Yukinori Otani Photo (Immediately after losing office) Shinji Hasuo

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