Miyasako’s “Beef Palace” receives a storm of praise, but Shifter takes a swipe at him, saying, “I’ll never go there again. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Miyasako’s “Beef Palace” receives a storm of praise, but Shifter takes a swipe at him, saying, “I’ll never go there again.

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Hiroyuki Miyasako finally opened “Gyu Miyagi”, a restaurant he had longed for. It was off to a good start, but…

You-tuber Shifter updated his You Tube channel on March 3. He posted a video titled “I went to Gyu Miyagi on the second day of its opening, and it was super subtle,” and spoke candidly about the restaurant.

Gyu Miyagi is a yakiniku restaurant that Hiroyuki Miyasako, formerly of “Ameagari Kesshitai,” just opened in Shibuya, Tokyo, on March 1. There were twists and turns before the opening due to issues of taste and interior design, and the opening date was extended before the restaurant finally opened.

Shifter visited the restaurant on March 2, or the second day of its opening, together with YouTuber Hikaru and others.

Let me start with the conclusion. I don’t think I will ever go back.

He said the taste was not bad, but he was not convinced by the cost performance, as “there are not that many bad yakiniku restaurants unless they are very cheap to begin with.

Shifter says that he usually likes Akusei Shimobori and watches their YouTube channel. Shifter’s family owns a long-established yakiniku restaurant in Osaka with a 40-year history. There was a time when Roughy’s himself was the manager of the restaurant.

Shibata is also a “meat pro,” as Coarse told us.

Never go back to a yakiniku restaurant that serves tongue like this!” Lemon is a no-no!”

He said he had seen a video called

In the video, he lectures on the merits and demerits of beef tongue.

The cost of beef tongue is very reasonable. No matter how well marbled it is, restaurants that charge more than 2,000 yen per serving are crap.

He goes as far as to say, “I’m not a fan of that.

Shifter said that the beef tongue at Gyu Miyagi was from Australia and cost 2,200 yen per person, which he felt was very expensive. While some people say that lemon is served with beef tongue to enhance the flavor, others say that it also helps to mask the smell of stale meat.

He also pointed out that, as is typical at Beef Miyagi, the meat was served with lemon. Before the lemon, he was concerned that the flavor was too weak, so he checked with the waiter and discovered that the kitchen had “forgotten to put salt on the salted tongue” despite the fact that it was salted.

Shivatar said that he would definitely go to a different restaurant if he had to pay the same amount of money. He said that he would not take his family in Shikoku to Tokyo even if they came to Tokyo. However, it would be a good opportunity for him to tell his family that he has been to Gyu Miyagi, so in that sense, it would be a good idea to go there once.

Currently, the restaurant is fully booked until the end of March, and is becoming the most famous yakiniku restaurant in Japan. However, the rent is 2.8 million yen per month, so they have no choice but to be aggressive with their meat pricing. If they get bored and empty seats become noticeable in the future, it may be a tough fight” (sports newspaper reporter).

Nevertheless, once the Corona disaster subsides to some extent, there is a possibility that it will become a tourist attraction and many people will visit Gyu Miyagi to create a buzz.

Miyasako’s YouTube videos of Ushinomiyagi are extremely popular, and advertising costs are likely to be kept afloat. Many people are looking forward to seeing what Ushiromiyagi will do in the future….

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