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The Fundamental Background of Tokyo MX’s Abandonment of Ken Watanabe’s “Black-and-White Anjush” Broadcast

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Anjush” actor Ken Watanabe has returned to TV after an absence of about 1 year and 8 months. However, the road to his comeback has not been smooth…

Ken Watabe of “Anjush” made a tentative return to TV with his crown program “B&W Anjush” (Chiba TV), albeit on a local station. Although there were some criticisms on the Internet, there were also many voices of support, and the program seems to be continuing, so it is safe to say that his return was largely a success.

However, most are still in denial as to whether he will be able to return to key station programming. Needless to say, there is a “wall” of sponsors standing in the way.

And there is a dark cloud over Watanabe’s future….

Tokyo MX TV, which broadcasts “Anjush in Black and White” as a network program, terminated the program’s broadcast on February 24. Since the program was aired 16 days later than on Chiba TV, the last broadcast was the episode aired on Chiba TV on February 8. In other words, the episode in which Watabe returned was never aired.

Tokyo MX attributed the termination to a “comprehensive decision,” but when we asked a source at the station, he replied, “It’s a good decision, but it’s a decision we have to make.

It’s just as you might imagine. Previously, Yutaka Hasegawa’s inappropriate comments on his blog caused a huge firestorm. Although the comments were not made during the program, the station was flooded with calls protesting the comments, and he was eventually dropped from the program. He is quite upset about this. Although “Anjush in Black and White” is not a program we produce, I believe that viewers who watch the MX broadcast will protest against MX.

It is possible that they will wait until they see the reaction of the viewers after the broadcast, but I heard that when Mr. Watanabe appeared on the program, a total of nearly 800 calls were made to Chiba Television, the network stations, and some of the sponsors to protest. Whether or not it was really 800, there is no doubt that a considerable number of protest calls were received. It was believed that MX might face a similar storm of protests if it aired the program.”

A “walking stick before you fall” is a good way to put it.

Tokyo MX is said to be a “rebirth factory” for scandalous celebrities, featuring former House of Representatives member Kensuke Miyazaki, Ryuji Harada, Noriko Sakai, and former Othello star Tomoko Nakajima, all of whom have caused a stir. If even MX rejected him, Watabe’s “crime” must be very serious.

According to the Tokyo MX official mentioned above

“As a general rule in the TV industry, program sponsors, of course, but there are also other TV stations that say, ‘We cannot have a relationship with a TV station that has a person like that on the show.

Nowadays, every station is running a mail-order program. There are many of them, and they are a good source of income for TV stations, but most of them are aimed at housewives. Although I don’t think it is directly related to this, Mr. Watanabe is the most disliked TV personality among housewives today. If we were to use her, the mail-order program companies would not take kindly to her.

Although not limited to MX, sponsors are no longer concerned with TV commercials as more and more media have become available that can be expected to be more effective than TV commercials at a lower cost. Some sponsors want to withdraw from TV in order to reduce advertising costs, and TV stations are said to be desperate not to offend their sponsors.

There are 10 broadcasters that broadcast “B&W Anjush” online as well as Tokyo MX, but none of them have terminated the program at this stage. However, there is a possibility that

In the Tokyo metropolitan area, TV Saitama and TV Kanagawa are broadcasting “B&W~” three days late and 11 days late, respectively. Mie TV is 18 days behind, and some other places are more than one or two months behind, and the episode in which Mr. Watanabe appeared has not yet been broadcast. It is thought that they are looking at the situation” (director of a local station in the Tokyo metropolitan area).

And the appearances at the key stations mentioned. At a recent regular press conference held by NTV’s president, Hiroyuki Fukuda, executive director in charge of programming, said

“At this point, we have no plans to appear on the show.

TBS also denied that Watabe would return to “King’s Brunch,” where he had previously served as MC, and also stated that he would not return to the show.

There are no casting plans for any other programs.

He went so far as to say, “I am not a fan of the Japanese market.

Keiichi Yamamoto of “Gokurakutombo” spent 10 years before returning to a terrestrial key station. What will Watanabe do?

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