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Moeka Kamihiraishi “Pacquiring chocolate fondue! The overwhelming cuteness of

First attempt at dubbing a Hollywood movie! Popular actress who has starred in movies, appeared in morning dramas, and is also active as an artist tries a new approach

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Marshmallows in the shape of the “Marshmallow Man” from the film were fondueed with chocolate and snapped with a big smile.

A Valentine’s Day event was held in Tokyo on February 8 to celebrate the release of the movie “Ghostbusters: After Life. Next to the oddly dressed couple is Moka Kamihiraishi (21) (second photo). Kamihiraishi is the voice actress for the Japanese dubbed version of the film.

At the event, comedians Shun Matsuo (39) and Shohei Osada (42) of Chocolate Planet, who were dressed as the “Ghostbusters logo” and other characters, performed impersonations and songs. Kamihiraishi had a great time reminiscing about Valentine’s Day and revealing that she wears tattered pajamas in her room.

The sisters entered the entertainment industry together in 2011 after their older sister Mone (24) entered the “Toho Cinderella” audition with them. They have steadily increased their presence as actresses in stage, film, and drama productions. They are also doing well as singers under the name “adieu.

In last year’s movie “Kodomo wa ki wa nai koto de arufuenai,” she played the role of a high school girl who spends a few days with her missing father, played by Etsushi Toyokawa (59). She won the hearts of the old men. She is not only bright and healthy, but she is also an actress who can play the smallest details of the heart. She will play the younger sister of the heroine in NHK’s morning drama starting in the spring, and she may well eclipse the lead role.

The older sister has the image of an honor student and the younger sister has the impression of a mischievous and cheerful young woman. Although they are different types of actresses, I am sure that they will be able to compete with each other in a friendly competition as actresses.

Chocolate Planet’s Matsuo dressed as the Ghostbusters logo drew laughter from the audience.
Moka Kamihiraishi, a cut that has not been published in this magazine, snacking on chocolate fondue at a press conference.
Moka Kamihiraishi, a cutaway from the magazine, snacking on chocolate fondue at a press conference.
Unpublished cut of Moeka Kamihiraishi, eating chocolate fondue at a press conference.

From the March 4, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

  • Photography Kazuhiko Nakamura

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