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Kōki & Shizuka “passionate hug” on site after movie greeting!

Crying with emotion as she appeared in a bright red dress at the theater on the first day of the opening of the movie "Ushikubumura" After the event, mother Shizuka left the dressing room with a big smile on her face and unexpectedly hugged the people involved. ......

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The woman and Kōki, smiled and hugged each other, and her mother Shizuka gave her the biggest smile of the day and an enthusiastic hug.

Thank you, team, for your warmth and support throughout. You have given me a lot of courage.

On February 18, the opening day of the movie “Ushikubumura” was held at a movie theater in Tokyo. Dressed in a bright red dress, Kōki, 19, gave a tearful speech as the lead actress.

At 15 years old, she made a spectacular debut on the cover of “ELLE japon” and has been active as an ambassador for Bulgari and appeared at the Paris Collection, but this was her first acting job. But this was her first acting job, and she must have been very moved by the fact that it was her first starring role in a movie.

The director is Takashi Shimizu, a master of horror films, and Kōki’s role was a difficult one, as she had to play two twin sisters with different personalities. The director also commented, “This is a very difficult role that you may never encounter in your life. And she played it well in her first starring role.

About two hours after the stage greeting ended. Kōki, appeared from the entrance of the related parties. She had glossy hair that reached her waist and an outstanding style. Her mask obscured her expression, but she already had a first-class aura about her. Walking in front of Kōki, another stylish woman is her mother, Shizuka Kudo (51). She is now Kōki’s “stage mom,” and she was accompanying her daughter with a large amount of luggage.

Shizuka declared, “I’m going to show up every day on the set,” and the staff was more scared of her than if they were on location at a haunted place (laughs). In reality, however, Shizuka did not interrupt the scene and was very considerate. However, she still had an outstanding presence,” said a source close to the film.

Kōki,’s debut on the silver screen is also marked by the thoughts of her mother, Shizuka.

Shizuka’s wish is that Kōki, in the future, will be active on the world stage, including Hollywood. In fact, among Japanese films, horror films have a high reputation overseas. I sense a strategy in this area as well.

As they were leaving in their car, an elderly woman ran up to them and gave them a hug. Shizuka exchanged a warm hug with the woman, who seemed to be in the movie business, and her expression was so big that even through her mask you could tell that she had a big smile on her face.

The grand ambitions of this mother-daughter tripod have only just begun.

Shizuka appeared in a red dress with a bold design that reached just above the knees when she walked, a look that made full use of her 170 cm height.
A mother and daughter come out of the backstage entrance. In their hands is a paper bag with what appears to be a gift. Shizuka accompanied her daughter as her manager.
Kōki’s mother, Shizuka Kudo, was overcome with emotion when she greeted Kōki on stage for her first starring role in a movie.
Kōki’s mother, Shizuka Kudo, was overcome with emotion when she greeted Kōki on stage for her first starring role in a movie.
Unpublished cuts from the magazine Mother Shizuka Kudo is overcome with emotion at Kōki’s first starring role in a movie.

From the March 11, 2022 issue of FRIDAY

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