Congratulations on your marriage! Yukiyoshi Ozawa has shown us the true face of an overly popular actor. | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Congratulations on your marriage! Yukiyoshi Ozawa has shown us the true face of an overly popular actor.

NHK's Maho Kuwako and I have finally reached our goal! The popular man who was reported to be in love with a number of celebrities including Anne and Christel Takigawa put an end to his single life on his father Seiji's birthday.

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Ozawa takes Anna Kuwako home. Since Kuwako is in charge of a news program every morning, most of their dates are at night.

On September 1, the 86th birthday of his father, Seiji Ozawa, actor Yukiyoshi Ozawa (47) married NHK announcer Maho Kuwako (34). Ozawa is a handsome man who has been involved with a number of beautiful women, including actresses Shiho Takano (41) and Anne (35). In fact, there was always a beautiful woman beside Ozawa that this magazine had seen.

Just before Christmas in December 2009, Christel Takigawa, who was 32 at the time, was beside Ozawa (third photo). On that day, they met up in the early afternoon, and after watching a ballet in Ueno, they went shopping together at Isetan in Shinjuku. Ozawa paid for all their shopping and escorted them to her beloved Porsche around 9:30 pm. He drove her back to her parents’ apartment.

Of course, we also witnessed him on a date with his new wife, Anna Kuwako. In late January of this year, I found Kuwako Anna being driven home in Ozawa’s BMW (photo above). The moment she entered her apartment building, she smiled and waved at Ozawa in the driver’s seat, and they seemed to be on good terms.

What was behind this rare and popular man’s decision to get married?

“It seems that his father, Seiji, saw Kuwako on a TV program and immediately fell in love with her. I heard that some of his family members said that she had more hospitality than Takigawa-san (laughs). (laughs) I think it’s natural that Ozawa also felt that it was time to move on now that she is approaching 50.

Ozawa has found a companion that his family approves of. I hope they can build a long and happy family.

She is also known to be a big coffee lover. In June this year, she took time out from her work to go shopping for coffee.
The scene of her date with Takihikuri, which I discovered in 2009. It was during the Christmas season when there were many people on the street, but her overwhelming aura stood out from the rest.

From the September 24 ,2021issue of FRIDAY

  • Photography Keisuke Nishi (1st photo), Takero Yuge (3rd photo)

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