New TV shows are coming out one after another: “Arafifumi comedians” are valued in the comedian world | FRIDAY DIGITAL

New TV shows are coming out one after another: “Arafifumi comedians” are valued in the comedian world

The Staff Saw It! Behind the Scenes of Weekly TV

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Kurimushi is on a roll. Teppei Arita (51) has 8 regular jobs, including a pin job that makes use of his individuality.

On January 30th, it was announced that “Kurimu Nantara” (TV Asahi) would be expanded from 30 minutes to an hour.

On the other hand, variety shows such as “London Hearts” at 11 p.m. will be reduced from one hour to 30 minutes, which is a bold move by Telecho. This spring, there has been a noticeable resurgence of comedians of the “arafi” generation, such as “Kurimu-chu” (TV magazine editor).

According to some reports, “Tonight Kurabeshimashita” (NTV) will end this spring. According to some reports, “Tonight Kurabeshimashita” (Nippon Television Network Corporation) will end this spring, and “Ueda to Onna ga Bokuaru Yoru” (Ueda and Women Howl Night), a program under the direction of Shinya Ueda (51) of “Kurimushi”, will become a regular program.

The spread of the new coronavirus has left variety and drama productions scrambling to cope. With the spread of the new coronavirus, variety shows and dramas are being forced to cope with the spread of the virus.

A headwind is blowing against the young comedians known as the seventh generation of comedy. This spring, “Otraction” (TBS), where “Shimotsuki Myojo” is the MC, will end. It was reported that an animal show with Sandwitchman as the MC will start after the show.

Since the beginning of the 1990s, each station has stepped up its efforts to create programs targeting the core demographic of 13-49 year olds. Young comedians of the seventh generation were the ones who took advantage of this trend. However, other than “Shimotsuki Myojo,” no other comedian was able to serve as MC. Even “Shimotsuki Myojo” has less depth in his art than the “Arafifumi” generation. Koshina (29) is known for his difficult personality and his problematic comments. Many of the mid-level staff and above don’t like the seventh generation,” said a key station producer.

So, the trial period is over. However, even among the seventh generation of comedians who are facing adversity, it is the female comedians who continue to receive offers.

There is a trend in the TV industry to actively cast female comedians. In particular, there is a growing need for female comedians who speak their minds clearly, such as Hiko Rohee (32) and “Heroine at 3:00.

There has been a series of graduations of major celebrities such as Beat Takeshi (75) from TV programs, but the Arafifumi generation is not a candidate for restructuring.

However, the “Arafifees” are not candidates for downsizing. “Those in their 60s and above are indeed unable to keep up with the changing times and often come under fire for their anachronistic comments. On the other hand, successful celebrities of the “Arafifa” generation are flexible in their thinking and do not flatter the younger generation. They have a perfect sense of balance, which is why they are well received by young viewers.

A source at an advertising agency says, “The change in TV stations’ strategies has also had an effect.

In the past few years, all stations only looked at their core viewership, but TV Asahi Chairman Hiroshi Hayakawa declared in his New Year’s address, “We will also take care of the volume zone of people over 50. However, under the corona recession, there is no room to pay veteran big-name talents or to try out younger ones. By using the stable Alafifty generation, the aim is to cover the household viewership rate by surrounding the viewers in their 50s and above while keeping the core generation in mind.

From this spring onward, the Arafifif generation, which has been overwhelmed by the momentum of the seventh generation of comedians, will likely begin to strike back.

From “FRIDAY” February 18, 2022 issue

  • Photo by Yusuke Kondo

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