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Princess Eugene’s “post-high school destination of concern now” shaken by essay writing problem

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Prince Eugene will soon be a high school student (AFLO)

The eldest son of the Akishino family, Prince Eugene (15), has been accepted to Tsukuba University High School (Chikuzuke) and will start his higher education in April.

In the past, it was reported that Tokyo University of Agriculture First High School in Setagaya Ward was also a candidate for higher education, but it seems that Chikuzuke was the only choice for security reasons.

(Imperial Household Journalist) It seems that Chikuzuke was the only choice from that point of view as well, since the security of His Majesty the Emperor of the future would require a great deal of simulation.

There were reports around the time of the acceptance announcement that pointed out the “similarity problem” in Princess Eugene’s essay.

In the past year, he submitted an essay about his memories of his trip to the Ogasawara Islands with Princess Noriko to the 12th Children’s Nonfiction Literature Award (sponsored by Kitakyushu City), and received an honorable mention, which was followed by the grand prize, last year. However, it was pointed out that this essay was very similar to some of his other books that had been published before that.

In response to this, the Imperial Household Agency made an unusual announcement, saying that they had neglected to specify the reference and that Prince Eugene was grateful for the suggestion.

This was a bolt from the blue for the Akishino family, especially for Noriko, and I heard that she was quite nervous when she received the news.

So far, he has visited and experienced the Ogasawara Islands, which was the theme of his essay, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, climbing Mount Yarigatake in Nagano, and camping in Nasu-machi, Tochigi.

These were all arranged by Noriko as she guided Eugene. Noriko seemed to be paying close attention to the way he was learning the information from the literature beforehand, getting a feel for the atmosphere of the area, and writing up reports about it.

This is part of what is known as an imperial education, and it is likely that Noriko herself felt that she was getting a good response. One of the officials of the Imperial Household Agency said.

When he is at home, he seems to spend a lot of time in his room, and Noriko seems to have taken this as a positive attitude toward his studies and has warmly watched over him. I feel that at the core of Noriko’s educational policy is a certain amount of respect for Prince Eugene’s autonomy.

What are the possible effects of this “similarity problem”?

I heard that Noriko admonished Prince Eugene to ‘behave with more self-awareness than ever before. I don’t think this will have any lasting effects, but it may have an impact on the way the public feels about the Akishino family.

In a press conference held on the occasion of his birthday on February 23, Emperor Akihito responded to a question about Mako Komuro as follows.

I believe that the basis of the Imperial Family’s existence and activities is to always wish for the happiness of the people and to share their sufferings with them. I also believe that it is important for the Imperial Family to fulfill its duties in accordance with the changing times and the changing society, responding to the situation. I believe that the relationship of trust between the people and the Imperial Family will be built as each of the members of the Imperial Family sincerely faces this role, fulfills their duties one by one while wishing the happiness of the people, and interacts emotionally with the people.

This is how we can build a relationship of trust between the people and the Imperial Family.

In any case, in the future, the reality of ‘where will you take the entrance examination three years from now? At the same time, the series of problems with Komuro will continue. At the same time, there is a possibility that the ‘imperial family privilege’ that has arisen since the series of problems with Komuro will be pointed out to the Akishino family.

It has often been reported that “Noriko is eager to enter the University of Tokyo.

In the past, it was often reported that Noriko was eager to enter the University of Tokyo, but I heard that it was important for her to think about this and other matters, and that she was not particular about whether she wanted to go to the University of Tokyo or not. …… I heard that he is not particular about going to Tokyo University at any rate. Of course, he has already anticipated various things, and he is working hard on his studies with a private tutor, and it is certain that he has a clear idea of the specific university he wants to attend.

In any case, it seems that the next three years will be an extremely important time for building a relationship of trust between the people and the Akishino family.

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