Yuriko Ishida’s “mysterious dance with Yuka Itaya” makes fans happy! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Yuriko Ishida’s “mysterious dance with Yuka Itaya” makes fans happy!

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It’s never going to change. (AFLO)

Actress Yuriko Ishida has been making a big splash with her Instagram account, where she posted a video of her and actress Yuka Itaya doing a mischievous wiggle dance. “The video has been viewed 1,443,000 times, with comments such as, “What a great duo,” “You two are really close and it’s a smiling scene,” “You have such wonderful smiles,” and “It’s awesome.

In the video, Ishida is wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and jeans with red shoes. Behind him stands Itaya, wearing a black shirt and slacks. He is wearing the same red shoes as Ishida. According to the SINME website, the price is 43,000 yen (excluding tax). According to the website of SINME, the shoes are priced at 43,000 yen (tax not included) and were unveiled at “maison brique”, a store opened in Yoyogi Uehara, Tokyo by a stylist KOTA MATSUNO, an acquaintance of Ishida.

In the video, the two are dancing with their legs bent, knees moving from side to side, and hands crossed. It’s a dance that everyone must have done at least once when they were children. However, in the video, Itachi struggles with that dance. “Is it right? When he was at a loss, she instructed him in a gentle, angelic voice, “At this point (when the two knees collide), quickly switch (hands). Then Itaya said, “I got it! You mean like this! And Itaya got excited. Many fans were soothed by this video.

Ishida commented on the post, “Red shoes and Yuka Itaya festival” and “And I’m the one who does all these things.

Ishida, who played the role of the governor of Tokyo in the TBS drama series “TOKYO MER – Running Emergency Room”, ended its run with great success in the final episode. The average household rating for the final episode was 19.5% (Kanto area, preliminary figures), a record high. Ishida’s role as the governor of Tokyo was also well received, and fans rushed to say, “I want you to be the real governor of Tokyo.

Ishida has become a national actress who is always at the center of the conversation in Japan. We wonder what role she will play next. We can’t take our eyes off her every move. ……!

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