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Fan’s Went Gaga Over Anne Shin Hye’s Cute Curly Hair

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Ahn shows off her gal-like curly hair style (from her Instagram @shinaeahn)

Korean female professional golfer Ahn Shin Hye, known as the “sexy queen,” has been attracting a lot of attention with her “too-gal” curly hair look on her Instagram account. She was bombarded with comments of praise such as “100 points , “” Please come to Japan soon, “” Sexy “and” Cute. “

She took three photos, the first of which was a full-body shot of herself in a mirror. She was wearing a white fur coat over a black shirt, black pants and white high-heeled boots. Anne looks very glamorous with her hands on her bent waist.

Anne’s curly hair is very striking and girlish. Ahn’s eyes sparkle as she stares at the camera and looked very striking.

Ahn was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1990 and moved to New Zealand when she was nine years old to take up golf. She joined the KLPGA in 2008 and became a professional golfer, and made her debut in women’s golf in Japan in 2017.

She has attracted a lot of attention as a professional golfer, but lately her fashion sense has been the topic of conversation. She likes to wear boldly designed outfits on her Instagram page. All of her outfits are well received by her fans, and she always gets a lot of compliments on them.

On the golf course, Anne also wears well-designed clothes. She says, “I like to wear things that make my body look firm,” and she wears clothes that are tight and show her body lines clearly.

It seems that Anne was staying in Southern California. She uploaded some photos on Instagram, including one at Torrey Pines, a prestigious golf course in the San Diego area of ​​southern California, USA. She was playing golf in a miniskirt and also showed her fans a video of her iron swing.

As a golfer, this is a year of competition. Everyone wants to know more about her!

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