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A Husky Who Loves Snow is the Mother of Two Kittens!

Yuki, a husky dog, is the mother of two kittens.

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Does it feel good to be on the ice ?

A big dog lays down on the snow with his eyes squinted in happiness. It’s cold, but she is enjoying it. A picture that’s becoming a hot topic on Twitter.

Yuki-chan is a Siberian husky native to extremely cold regions. She lives with Kamoshika.

When she sees snow, she dives into it and enjoys it with her whole body, even eating and munching it!It’s just like the lyrics of the song, “The dog runs around the garden with joy … “.

This post is from Yuki’s trip to Hokkaido, where she enjoyed playing in the snow on Twitter, tasting the snow and putting her whole body on the soft snowy cushion.

Yuki’s first encounter with Kamoshika was an unexpected one.

Yuki had been placed in a foster home when she was about four months old. I saw a sign at a pet store I happened to stop by, and since I had always wanted a husky, I contacted her right away.

Yuki now lives at home with the cats that Kamoshika-san rescued. She was so excited on the snow, but she is calm in her home. She is at peace with the cats.

I love their size difference! These two are so cute! Looking at them like this, they look like father and son …?

They were still kittens at the time of the photo shoot, and Kamoshika-san describes how they were when she took them in.

Ren was about two months old when he was stuck near our house, and my niece took him in and brought him home. Sun was about 10 days old when her parents left her in a parking lot. We raised her on milk, and Yuki took over as her mother and took care of her,” says Kamoshika.

Sun-chan and Ren-chan were fortunate enough to find a warm home. They are well taken care of by their big and gentle mom, Yuki, and they trust her completely. Yuki-chan is usually very calm and clever, but she used to be very naughty when she was young, which is hard to imagine from the calm and collected mom she is now.

I can almost hear Sun and Ren’s voices saying, “Yuki-chan is the best hug pillow.
Yuki-chan doesn’t move a bit even when Sun-chan climbs on her head. It’s turning into a jungle gym.
Yuki’s fluffy belly is Sun’s favorite bed.

In the video, Sun, a kitten, is constantly licking Yuki’s ears. Yuki, the kitten, is either feeling good or is too lazy to move. I could watch this forever.

I want them to stay close forever …! Yuki and her family showed us their smiling faces today, and we can’t ask for more!

You can enjoy the lovey-dovey daily life of Yuki-chan and her cats on Twitter!

(For Yuki-chan and her family’s account, please go to @ b09a2032c or search for “Kamoshika”!)

  • Photo courtesy of Kamoshika-san

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