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Kim Jong-un’s “Surprised Flesh” in North Korea

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Kim Jong-un appears at a review ceremony on September 9. Kim Jong-un is believed to be conscious of his grandfather Kim Il-sung, the founder of the country (Image: KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro)

Kim Jong-un has lost a lot of weight and is slimmer, and his hair is more balanced.

Kim Jong-un appeared at the review ceremony for the 73rd anniversary of North Korea’s founding on September 9, and his image had changed drastically from before. His transformation into a different person has even led to rumors of a “shadow warrior”. Mr. Gao Yongqi, editor-in-chief of Daily NK Japan, who is an expert on the situation on the Korean Peninsula, said.

“It’s true that Kim has slimmed down quite a bit. There are various reasons whispered about for his extreme weight loss. He lost weight due to a severe adverse reaction to a new coronavirus vaccine, and he succeeded in losing weight. …… Whatever the reason, I’m sure she has lost 10 to 20 kilograms.

The drastic change in her hairstyle has also become a hot topic.

“In the past, Kim’s hairstyle was known as a ‘black phone’ hairstyle with a raised top. At that time, he was young, around 30 years old, and bloodthirsty, and public executions were frequent. I have the impression that his forward thinking was also reflected in his hairstyle, which he adopted from 2004 onward, a style called “Haikyi Hair,” in which both sides are extremely cropped. This was a time when Mr. Kim was trying to rebuild the economy with a strong will.

This time, both the top of his head and the side hair are well balanced. It gave me a calm impression. There is no eccentric image like in “Black Phone. This year marks the tenth year of Kim’s leadership. He is now in his late thirties. He may be trying to project a more dignified and calm image of a leader.

“What do you mean by that?

Kim Jong-un has become more stable and smart. But in North Korea, he seems to be surprisingly unpopular. Mr. Ko continues.

“Radio Free Asia in the U.S. is reporting the voices of ordinary people. A resident of the western province of Pyonganbuk-do said, ‘The highest dignity (of Kim Jong-un) has been given to the North Korean people. A resident of the western province of North Pyongan said, “All the Supreme Dignity (Kim Jong-un) showed was the hairstyle, clothes and walk of his great grandfather (Kim Il-sung, the founder of the country). It is meaningless to change only the appearance without any substantive change. I wondered, ‘What are they trying to do? They are angry that Kim’s performance is getting ahead of his own while their lives are not getting any better.

According to Radio Free Asia, there is growing dissatisfaction among ordinary people with the fact that the military review ceremony was held in the first place.

According to “Radio Free Asia,” the common people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the fact that the military review ceremony was held in the first place. “This is the third time in one year that the military review ceremony has been held: the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea in October last year, the 8th Party Congress in January this year, and in September. At the review ceremony last October, a large number of soldiers were forced to practice hard for six months without eating well.

The nation is on the verge of collapse due to the triple burden of economic sanctions, the new coronavirus, and natural disasters. Many people believe that there is no room for a military parade in such an urgent time. On top of that, he will launch a cruise missile on September 15. People think that Kim is so absorbed in military affairs that he doesn’t care about the lives of the people.

Only the leader is smart and happy. I hope the leader of a dictatorship does not become a “naked king”. ……

  • Photo KNS/KCNA/AFP/Afro

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