Silver Trusova in the big wave of figures: “popularity explodes in Japan”! | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Silver Trusova in the big wave of figures: “popularity explodes in Japan”!

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Trusova fought in the blow of adversity (Kyodo Photo)

Alexandra Trusova, the silver medalist in women’s figure skating at the Beijing Olympics, is attracting unusual attention in Japan.

Trusova was born in Ryazan, Russia, in 2004. She began figure skating in 2008 and won the 2018 World Junior Championships in freeskating with a quadruple toeloop and a quadruple salcow.

Alexandra Trusova, who jumps several kinds of rotational jumps, is called “the three daughters of genius” together with Alyona Kostornaya, who boasts of her high expressive power and triple axel, and Anna Scherbakova, whose quadruple and stability are her weapons. In the meantime

In such a situation, Trusova challenged a superhuman composition of five quadruple jumps in Beijing, and set a new personal best. However, she was not able to match the gold medalist Scherbakova, who came in second.

She was so frustrated that she couldn’t quite match up to Scherbakova and Camilla Wallieva, who is considered to be the “best of the three geniuses”, that she burst into anger and cried at the venue. At one point, she refused to attend the ceremony. I’ll never go back to the rink again! I hate this sport! I hate this sport!

Nevertheless, Trusova regained her composure and attended the ceremony, telling the press that she was satisfied with her five quadruple jumps. Before the competition, Trusova had received less attention than Walieva, but she showed a great performance in spite of all the troubles she had, which has attracted a lot of attention in Japan.

I hope that she will use this frustration as a springboard to make great strides as a person. I can’t take my eyes off Trusova any more. ……!

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