Junichi Ishida’s Confession: “I Will Tell All About my Father-in-law, My Son, and My Family” | FRIDAY DIGITAL

Junichi Ishida’s Confession: “I Will Tell All About my Father-in-law, My Son, and My Family”

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Her “real relationship” with her father-in-law Osamu Higashio

Talks about deepening the love between parent and child during school and kindergarten drop-off and pick-up times

When FRIDAY published an interview with Junichi Ishida (68) in its February 4 issue, women’s weekly and evening newspapers immediately rehashed the news of his “sale of his mansion,” and Ishida came under fire again.

What is maturity? I think it’s maturity and tolerance. I think that intelligence and knowledge are not for showing off, but for making people happy and laughing. And culture is for understanding and respecting others. I think it’s about forgiving others.

Shakespeare said that nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. I think swearing and attacking people without thinking is something that childish people do. The women’s weekly and evening newspapers just want to beat you up one way or another, don’t they?”

Ishida said he insulated himself from the weekly women’s magazines last year. Ishida is said to have insulated himself from the weekly women’s magazine last year, and “Josei Jishin” reported that Ishida became agitated during the exchange.

I spoke in the same tone as in this interview,” she said. But I can imagine what she meant by saying that she was furious. That day, when I was returning to my new house after dropping off my children, a reporter came running. It was a negative question that I didn’t want to answer, so I replied, “I’m sorry, but I will never answer a question in a weekly women’s magazine, so please write whatever you want.

When I replied, “I’m sorry, but I will never answer to a weekly women’s magazine again. Why don’t you just write about it on your own? Why should I give you material to write about? Then they wrote, ‘I’m furious.

No matter what you do, you will be under fire. As reported in FRIDAY, he is still looking forward to the future and is planning to make a spy movie to get back at them. Where does his mental strength come from?

I’m not strong. I’m not strong. It’s not something I’m praised for, but I hate to lose, or I have a rebellious spirit. I’m teaching my son Ritaro (9) baseball now, and I tell him, ‘Even if you’re disappointed when you strike out, don’t be frustrated, just hit the ball again. In other words, I tell him to train his humanity and polish his skills. It’s the same thing.

He is currently in the third grade. He is currently in his third year of elementary school, and is playing on a team of upperclassmen, thanks to his quick feet and good sense.

My grandfather (Osamu Higashio, 71) is a legend in the world of professional baseball, my mother (Riko Higashio, 46) is a professional golfer, and I was a famous amateur player, so I have no doubt that I have potential.

I told Ritaro the advice of a professional baseball player I knew, saying, ‘My grandfather was a pitcher. I told Ritaro the advice of a professional baseball player I knew: ‘My grandfather was a pitcher,’ said Kazuma Okamoto (25), who played fourth base for the Giants at a young age. He said, “Don’t return your wrist, but swing as hard as you can to push the ball out to the right-center field.

My father-in-law was annoyed, though. There were reports that my father-in-law was so angry with me that he didn’t even speak to me, but this was the only time he was angry (laughs). Don’t worry, I’m doing fine!

Every morning, Ishida walks and takes the bus to and from school for her three children. Although he is concerned about the curious eyes of those around him, his children’s growth is a source of support for him.

When I told Ritaro that I wanted him to fulfill his dream of playing in the Waseda-Keio tournament, he said, ‘You might not. I asked him, ‘Why? I said, ‘If I get drafted in high school, I’ll go pro.

(laughs) I told him that if he couldn’t go pro, he should become an announcer for Nippon Television Network Corporation like Satoshi Kamishige (41, PL Gakuen -> Rikkyo University). It doesn’t have to be NTV, though (laughs).

  • Photo by Toru Hanai

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